Currently, ski and snowboard helmets do not have big differences. Of course, we are not talking about helmets for competitors here, but about comparing a ski helmet vs. a snowboard helmet for ordinary users who do not practice these disciplines professionally.

The ski helmet has become similar to the snowboard one, its shape and construction are identical, so it's hard to tell whether a given model is ski or snowboard. Yes, once a ski helmet had "hard ears", and the so-called. "soft ears" were initially only available on snowboard helmets. Currently, most models of ski helmets have soft ears, which makes such a helmet more comfortable in everyday use than the full shell, currently available in ski helmets for professionals / competitors.

It is also much easier to put on a helmet with an incomplete shell. With such a ski helmet or snowboard helmet, you can mount bluetooth headphones and connect them to the phone, so we can listen to music while driving and talk on the phone as long as we still have an external microphone. Driving comfort with such additions increases significantly.

If you are wondering what is the difference between a helmet for an amateur and a helmet for a competitor, we are in a hurry to answer?

Ski helmets for competitors, from those for amateurs, apart from the construction, differ in the materials used, the highest models are light due to the use of carbon fiber, they have the so-called permanently mounted or detachable jaw/guard. Garda will protect our jaw from possible contact with the pole, which may hit us during the passage.

To sum up, a ski helmet and a snowboard helmet for amateurs currently have no differences that would clearly qualify it for skiing or snowboarding.

Safety above all. Why use ski helmets or snowboard helmets?

The answer is very simple! The helmet provides safety by protecting our head against injuries that may occur during a fall or collision with another skier or snowboarder.

Currently, the driving style has significantly increased the speed achieved when going down the ski slope, also the number of people in popular places makes riding on the slope without a helmet more and more risky. Even if we move quite slowly and on a "flat" slope and if we don't fall down, let's take into account that perhaps another skier or snowboarder may hit us and cause numerous injuries, and if he additionally has a ski helmet and we don't, then damage can be even greater!

With a ski helmet, our head is protected against injuries caused by hitting hard elements such as ice, stone, tree or another skier or snowboarder.

Is it really worth risking riding without a ski or snowboard helmet?

Are we sure that nothing will happen to us in the event of an accident? Currently, the prices of helmets are not excessive, spending a few hundred zlotys for protecting our health is not a huge amount and is a small expense of all the costs we incur during a snowboard or ski trip.

When is a ski or snowboard helmet mandatory?

Current regulationsin Poland impose an obligation on parents to ensure that all persons under the age of 16 have a ski or snowboard helmet while riding. Failure to wear a helmet may result in a fine of up to PLN 5,000

In Austria The obligation to wear a helmet on the slopes applies to all children up to the age of 15, but not in all of Austria, but in all federal states (Länder) except Tyrol and Vorarlberg. There are no financial penalties for the lack of a helmet, but you have to take into account that we may not be allowed on the lift.

In Italy ski helmets, snowboard helmets on the slopes from January 1, 2022 must be worn by everyone under the age of 18, the regulation also applies to people moving on sledges! . Failure to wear a helmet can result in a fine of up to 200 euros.

How to choose a ski or snowboard helmet?

Note that in addition to the size of the helmet, which is given as the range of head circumference it fits, each manufacturer produces helmets for different head shapes (the head can be oval (egg-shaped) or round. Unfortunately, most models do not have information on what shape the head fits they fit, so it is worth trying on several different brands of helmets, if the helmet does not fit us from one selected brand. We measure the circumference of the head in a simple way - we take a measuring tape, preferably a tailor's meter above the eyebrow line above the ears, we measure. Most of the population has a size in the range:

  • women - a ski or snowboard helmet - usually has a size in the range of 55-58 cm

  • men - a ski or snowboard helmet is most often in the size of 57-60 cm, although there are also larger ones, even matching the head circumference of 64 cm.

  • children - depending on age up to 3-4 years, it is up to 48 cm, then 4-5 years 48-52 cm, older children have a circumference of around 52-56 cm

A ski helmet, a snowboard helmet in addition to a soft lining, has a smooth adjustment that allows it to fit the head. When choosing a helmet, it is also worth considering the fit of the goggles

Remember, the helmet must not squeeze anywhere. A ski helmet or snowboard helmet is measured directly on the head, or after putting on a balaclava or a cap under the helmet, although due to the current technology, ski helmets and snowboard helmets are equipped with a soft lining to ensure comfort.

The cheapest ski or snowboard helmets

Even the cheapest ski and snowboard helmets will provide basic protection for our head. Be sure to see the best selected models!

Our offer of ski helmets includes:

  • Snowboard helmets, women's ski helmets

  • Ski and snowboard helmets with built-in visor

  • We also offer ski helmets for children

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Most helmet models are typically Unisex, selected models are available in women's colors or in children's sizes

Ski goggles, snowboard goggles

Remember that when practicing a sport such as snowboarding or skiing, you will also need goggles that will improve the contrast of vision when you go to the slope, protect your eyes from the sun, snow or wind.

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