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Bicycle baskets

A bicycle basket is an extremely practical accessory that every two-wheeler lover who wants to take smaller or larger luggage with them should have. Bicycle baskets are most often installed in city bikes, which we use every day to go to work or shopping. A capacious and solid bicycle basket will easily accommodate a backpack or handbag. Thanks to it, you will not have to attach them to the trunk or carry them inconveniently on your back. Bicycle baskets will also work well for transporting groceries purchased in the store. In addition to their functionality, they are a decorative element of the two-wheeler.

In our offer you can find many visually attractive baskets that will make your bike look better than ever. You can also decorate your bicycle basket with various accessories, also available in the store.

Handlebar bicycle basket

In our offer you can find a wide range of models that are mounted on the front. The bicycle handlebar basket is recommended for all people who want easy access to their luggage. Every thing is at your fingertips.

bicycle basket for the handlebar works well when we transport rather light and not very large items, on average up to 5 kg. It is not recommended to transport heavier accessories, due to the limitation of the possibility of comfortable control of the two-wheeler, which at the same time reduces the level of safety while driving.

In our offer you can find bicycle baskets for handlebars with various types of fastening. The easiest to assemble are the versions equipped with hooks. Their advantage is also the ease of removal. You can use them as a basket for a Dutch bicycle . An alternative to such copies are bicycle baskets with straps instead of hooks.

Bicycle basket with insert and other handlebar-mounted models

People who care about a more solid assembly can opt for a bicycle basket with a click type mounting. In this case, the bicycle basket is mounted on the boom, which is screwed to the handlebar. Thanks to the connection with the bike with a click system, we are sure of a strong hold. Such a bicycle basket can be quickly put on and taken off.

In addition, our offer includes front bicycle baskets , which are mounted on the bracket and wheel axle. This is the most stable solution, especially recommended for people who move on more difficult terrain. Consequently, you can use them, for example, as a basket for a mountain bike while riding in the forest. Although the assembly and disassembly itself takes a bit more time, such front bicycle baskets also provide a high level of safety. To make the ride even more comfortable, we also recommend bicycle mirrors from our offer.

Rear bicycle baskets

People who want to carry heavier loads should opt for a bicycle carrier basket . In this case, the load capacity is up to 12 kg. An additional advantage of bicycle rack baskets is the ability to transport larger and higher items, because we do not have to worry that they will partially cover our field of vision. This type of rear bicycle baskets are attached to the saddle.

In our offer you can find a rear bicycle basket that you can easily take with you for shopping and then quickly attach to the trunk. The bicycle rack baskets are additionally equipped with a convenient handle. Some of them have hooks, while others slide behind the bars of the trunk. In addition, we offer a bicycle rack basket permanently mounted, using screws or special latches.

Bicycle baskets at

A wide range of products means that every person will find something for themselves, regardless of the appearance of the bike.

Rattan bicycle baskets

For lovers of urban two-wheelers who value aesthetics, we offer rattan bicycle baskets. Their natural appearance will be even better emphasized if we choose a bicycle basket with an insert in the form of a decorative material. We offer both open models and closed bicycle baskets with a lid.

Metal baskets for a bicycle

People who care primarily about durability can opt for a metal bicycle basket. They fit practically every two-wheeler and come in various shapes. A metal bicycle basket can be made of fine mesh or thicker mesh. In our store you can also find aluminum, material and animal versions.

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