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Cycling hat

Bandanas, ribbons, hats, scarves and loops - what cycling headgear under the helmet? The models available in the MikeSPORT Store are suitable for the track in all seasons. We offer cycling headgear from well-known brands for both professionals and amateurs of cycling.

Bike bandanas

Bicycle bandanas are an effective protection of the head against temperature fluctuations all year round. In the low season they protect against wind and cold and in summer against strong sun and UV radiation. High-quality, efficient bandanas are made of a fabric that ensures adequate air circulation and prevents overheating. A wide range of patterns and colors allows you to customize the bike bandana to your needs.

Light cycling caps

Classic summer cycling caps with peaks ensure good air circulation and sun protection. The sides are made of airy mesh and the elastic band on the back increases comfort. Peaked cycling caps are perfect for riding in full sun, even in hot climates. Choose a shape and color that goes well with your outfit and goes well with a cycling jersey, for example.

Bicycle tape with visor and reflector

Another solution that protects the head in hot weather is a sports bike band made of breathable fabric, equipped with a visor at the front. Rockbro's summer bands come in interesting color combinations: black and orange, red, black or blue. Silicone applications are sewn inside so that they do not slip off the head. They can be worn under a bike helmet - they breathe and wick away excess moisture. The reflective element (on the back) increases safety when driving. Rockbros models are suitable for various sports activities in summer, also as a bicycle band.

Insulated bike helmet

Warm cycling hats are one of the most effective ways to protect your head in winter. The simple hat is warm and comfortable to wear. It goes with almost everything - ideal for everyday wear and outdoor sports. We offer cycling caps and balaclavas made from functional Gore-Tex fabric, as well as models made from 100% merino wool.

With wind stopper

Cycling caps equipped with an inner wind stopper layer protect against cold and wind. They also have breathable and thermoregulating properties that allow the skin to breathe. Special fibers retain heat and prevent overheating.

Balaclava under the bike helmet

On cold days, a bike headband or a light chimney may not be enough to protect against wind and low temperatures.will work in such conditions Winter bike balaclava made of a multipurpose fabricThe seamlessly knitted balaclava made of merino wool has bacteriostatic and anti-allergic properties. Thanks to its lightweight design, it takes up little space when folded and fits in a jacket pocket.

A balaclava, hat or ear band for the bike in many colors, styles and attractive prices are waiting for you in the MikeSPORT Store!

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