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Bicycle seats - what can you find in our offer?

The arrival of a child in the family does not have to be associated with the need to give up your favorite activity, which is cycling. Rides together are not only a great way to spend time together, but also a pro-health activity. What's more, it is possible that the toddler will also become a two-track enthusiast in the future. In order for the ride to be both comfortable and safe, it is worth investing in good-quality bicycle seats . Our offer includes many models designed for toddlers traveling with their parents. Thanks to this, you can easily adjust them to both the age and weight of the child. It is worth remembering that in this way we can transport children who are already able to sit independently and hold their heads steadily. As a result, the seats are most often intended for toddlers from 9 months of age.

Front bicycle seats

These types of models are mounted on the steering wheel. They are especially recommended for babies. Regarding the maximum weight, it is usually around 15 kg. For this reason, such bicycle seats are suitable for a maximum of 3-year-olds. Parents like the front-mounted versions mainly due to the fact that the toddler is under control all the time, and we can react quickly if necessary. What's more, while driving, the child has better contact with the parent and sees the road ahead. This in turn makes the ride more interesting for him. The models available in our offer are equipped with adjustable seat belts, which are padded with a pleasant sponge, which translates into high comfort of use. When driving on hot days, the versions with high padding are perfect. It is also possible to purchase an additional windscreen.

Rear bicycle seats

These types of models are the most popular due to their greater load capacity (up to 22 kg), which translates directly into longer use. This is a good choice if you are taking slightly older children for a ride due to the limited ability to control and contact. The bicycle seats we offer for the rack or the frame have shock absorption, thanks to which they effectively suppress unevenness. An additional advantage is the adjustable footrests, which allows them to be adjusted to the length of the toddler's legs. The lining is made of waterproof material. The assembly itself is very simple and the adjustable clamp is compatible with frames of various diameters. To increase safety while driving, the buckle is equipped with a locking lock that can be opened with a key. We also offer car seats for older children (load capacity up to 35 kg), which are mounted on the trunk.

Bicycle trailers available in the store

Fans of longer rides over various terrain can opt for bicycle trailers . They are intended for toddlers from 1 year of age until they are 120 cm tall. Their undoubted advantage is above-average comfort, thanks to which the child will be able to take a nap while driving, play with toys or read a book. It is also a safer solution than the car seat, due to the fact that the trailer is close to the ground and in the event of a collision, the toddler is not liable to fall from height. The models available in our offer allow you to adjust the angle of the seat. What's more, UV windows effectively protect against solar radiation. An additional benefit is the waterproof material and compact dimensions when folded. People who care about the safe transportation of equipment and purchases or handy accessories can read about bicycle racks available in our assortment.

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