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Bicycle clothing at

We offer not only fashionable and comfortable bicycle clothing, but also all accessories necessary for amateur and professional riding, such as cycling gloves or thermoactive underwear.

Cycling gloves are a part of cycling clothing that protects your hands against abrasions and slipping, so they are important for your safety. Synthetic seamless underwear, on the other hand, is designed to fit like a second skin and wick away perspiration. Sweat is the enemy of every athlete, because not only does it cause discomfort during training, but in the case of higher speeds or wind, it can lead to illness. Perfectly fitting clothing for a bicyclewill help to effectively transport moisture to the outside. Cycling jerseys are the basis for all cycling styling, the purpose of which is to keep the skin dry and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Cycling clothing tailored to your needs

Are you looking for cycling clothing and wondering what material will provide you with the greatest comfort and convenience while cycling? While it is commonly believed that cotton is best for your skin, this fabric is completely inadequate as a bicycle garment. Cotton absorbs moisture very quickly and slowly releases it, which during physical activity may result in the body becoming cold. Therefore , professional cycling clothing is made of polyester or polyamide. These textiles, thanks to the tubular structure, perfectly drain excess sweat that collects on the surface of the skin during exercise. Cycling sports clothes have a special cut that fits tightly to the body, they are soft, pleasant to the touch and completely safe for the skin.

Cycling clothingthat a cyclist chooses for training should be made of high-quality fabrics and fit perfectly to the body shape. Poorly chosen cycling clothing can cause discomfort, restrict movement and increase air resistance, which in turn has a negative effect on performance. Selected cycling clothingthat we have in our assortment will fulfill its task on every route. 

Summer cycling clothing - perfect for city rides

When summer comes, do you give up on crowded public transport and switch to a bicycle? Hot days in the city can be particularly troublesome, so choose airy and comfortable bike outfit. Maximum comfort and thermal comfort while riding will be ensured by light and flexible cycling clothing, e.g. KAYMAQ or Force cycling shorts. If you only cover a short distance to work, you can successfully choose a model without an insert. If you are waiting for a long day of cycling, shorts with gel or foam padding will be an irreplaceable choice!

Cycling clothing for cold days

You are not discouraged from cycling even by the rainy autumn weather and low temperatures? While riding a bicycle, the perceived temperature may be lower by several to several degrees, so it is important to wear a bicycle suitthat provides adequate thermal insulation. No worries! In the Mikesport cycling clothing store you will find cycling clothing for all weather conditions. On colder days, long cycling trousers, especially those with insulation or braces, will be perfect. It is important that they well protect our joints from the cold!

It is a good idea to wear a multi-layer bicycle garment. Over the thermo-active t-shirt, put on a warm cycling blouse with an additional mesh, which will facilitate the transport of moisture to the outside and ensure excellent thermal comfort. On top, wear a reflective vest that will ensure proper visibility in the late hours and ensure you are completely safe on the roads. To make your cycling outfit complete, complete it with warm cycling shoe covers that will fully protect you even against the harshest frost.

Sportswear for a bicycle - the best protection against rain

Anyone who has ever gone for a bike ride knows very well how important it is to have adequate protection against rain. Regardless of whether you are faced with an autumn downpour, a spring drizzle or a warm summer rain, clothing is a must-have for every cyclist!

A light, rainproof jacket will be a reliable choice, which, if necessary, you can conveniently fold and hide, without worrying that it will take up a lot of space. The material with a structure made of special membranes makes the jacket "breathe" and provides adequate thermal insulation during exercise, while protecting against external moisture.

Are you afraid that the functional outer garment does not look amazing? Nothing could be more wrong! Rain jackets available in our offer are stylish fashion accessories that will emphasize the shape of the figure and will look beautiful.

Professional cycling clothing

For your professional cycling clothing to fully protect you from bad weather, complete it with a suitable headgear. In winter, a hat made of merino wool, e.g. from the Viking brand, will be the best - it will protect against frost and wind, ensuring maximum driving comfort.

If you are looking for a solution that will also provide the right cover for your face, choose a comfortable balaclava that will protect your nose, mouth, cheeks and even neck. A great alternative to a hat for warmer days will be a comfortable, flexible headband - it will cover the ears, sinuses and forehead, but at the same time allow the heat to dissipate through the top of the head. If you are looking for an accessory to your bicycle clothesthat can fulfill several functions at the same time, choose a multifunctional scarf that will serve as a tube, headband and cap.

Functional cycling accessories - take care of the comfort of your hands

. Frequent bicycle trips, especially those over long distances, may result in painful imprints on the hands. The perfect solution to this problem are properly selected cycling gloves! It is an extremely functional supplement to cycling clothing, which will ensure the highest level of comfort while riding. Special gel inserts will absorb vibrations and protect your hands from excessive fatigue, numbness and abrasions.

Gloves absorb sweat, provide us with a firm grip and prevent the hand from slipping on the steering wheel, which in demanding off-road conditions significantly increases the level of driving safety. Even in the event of a fall, gloves will provide additional protection and prevent skin injuries. Light material will provide your hands with adequate ventilation and coolness in summer, and insulated models will protect against low temperatures in winter.

Legs, bicycle sleeves - cycling clothing for all weathers

during a long cycling route suddenly changes from warm and sunny to cool and rainy, and you would like to exchange short shorts and a T-shirt with shoulder straps for long pants and a warm sweatshirt? Put on bicycle legs and sleeves and be prepared for any weather! It is a perfect complement to the functionality of standard cycling clothing, which can be easily put in a backpack and taken with you on any trip. Depending on the season and your expectations, you can choose a non-insulated, slightly insulated or insulated model - each one provides a different level of thermal insulation. You can also put on legs with compression properties that support the work of the muscles of the arms and legs. A special material provides micro-massage of the body and tissues. Thanks to them, the muscles heat up faster and are better oxygenated, which reduces the risk of injuries and cramps.

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