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Cycling shorts and shorts

Do you value freedom? Cycling shorts are the perfect choice for you. These types of loose shorts are ideal primarily for trips, trekking and tourism. The casual cut allows you to use them every day, and the properties of specialized cycling clothing make them an ideal choice for the route.

How are cycling shorts different from other clothes? First of all, the construction and materials used. They are equipped with a foam or gel insert that prevents chafing during long-term cycling. Due to the fact that the inner part with the insert is usually detachable, loose cycling pants are extremely versatile. The breathable fabrics used for sewing them make them more comfortable to wear.

In our assortment you will find both men's cycling shorts tailored to the needs of men and women's cycling shorts adapted to the anatomy of a woman. All models that we offer are characterized by amazing functionality and durability determined by precise workmanship. Choose cycling shorts if comfort and versatility count for you. We are convinced that you will find something for yourself among the products in our offer.

Cycling shorts with an insert

Among the many cycling shorts available in our assortment, you will find unique models that differ in style and purpose. The offer includes, among others classic, loose cycling shorts with an insert, thanks to which every bicycle ride will be extremely comfortable. Cycling shorts are equipped with a soft insert, placed in additional, removable boxer shorts. The inner boxer shorts are made of high-quality, breathable material. In turn, the insole the shorts are equipped with is an extremely flexible, comfortable gel element - it significantly increases the level of comfort and safety on each route, regardless of the surface on which you will be moving.

Shorts not only for the bike

Cycling shorts for both men and women, are also perfect for other activities - you can successfully wear them, for example, while jogging or exercising at the gym. They are also perfect for mountain climbing and amateur basketball games. Made of strong and resistant material, 2in1 cycling shorts can also be used by triathlon enthusiasts - both during training and competitions. Together with other elements of the triathlon outfit, they constitute full, professional equipment for practicing this sport.

Cycling shorts - men and women

In our assortment you will find women's cycling shorts and men's cycling shorts with a standard length up to or above the knee. In addition to these models from our offer, there are also sports shorts with detachable legs. It is a practical and convenient solution, especially for lovers of mountain routes - hiking and cycling. You'll be ready to cool down or change the weather on the trail thanks to the pants with extra legs.

Comfortable and practical

Both our men's cycling shorts and women's cycling shorts are distinguished by high-quality workmanship and comfort, as well as exceptional functionality. It consists of additional elements of the shorts, such as practical welts or belt loops. Another element that increases safety on the route are also reflective elements placed on the shorts, which will significantly improve your visibility after dark. In addition, the sports shorts from our offer are equipped with practical and spacious pockets where you can store cash, keys, a mobile phone, and even a scarf or a hat. Pockets closed with a zipper guarantee the safety of stored items.

Comfort and style

What else distinguishes our cycling shorts? In addition to high quality and wearing comfort, it is also a unique look! In our assortment you will find shorts that will meet your requirements and suit your taste. You can easily match them with other elements of sports outfit or equipment.

Loose cycling shorts as well as tighter cycling shorts are models in various colors, characterized by discreet decorative elements. Among them you can find both classic black shorts and shorts in more original colors. Noteworthy are, among others bright, beige or blue models, as well as dark red and intense yellow shorts. In our offer you will find both single-color shorts and models in several different colors or shades.

Match the extras

A large selection of cycling shorts, their design, style and color means that you can easily match them with other elements of a sports outfit, such as a jersey, hat or protective cycling gloves. Each part of the cycling equipment can be successfully adapted to the shorts so that they constitute an aesthetically coherent and comfortable whole with them.

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