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Cycling pants for women and men

When completing a cycling outfit, pay special attention to cycling pants. Ordinary shorts will not be a good choice when you are planning an endurance training or a day trip outside the city. An investment in cycling pants with a soft insole will allow you to enjoy the ride and say goodbye to any painful ailments. Depending on the season, we offer cycling trousers, long or short with braces, which reduce the problem of slipping, keeping the clothes in the right place.

We offer women's cycling pants for every season - airy in summer and insulated in winter. In addition, some models are equipped with women's gel inserts, further increasing the comfort of driving. We took care of an interesting design, which is why women's cycling pants are products of reputable brands that took care of careful sewing and finishing of the clothing.

In addition to the women's collection, we also have men's cycling pants perfect for all-year amateur and competitive training. Among them you will find insulated, waterproof, fitted, loose and braced models. Such a wide range of products will allow you to choose fashionable men's cycling pants that provide the right thermal comfort. If you are a cyclist for whom performance and comfort counts, our cycling clothing will meet your expectations on longer and shorter routes.

Cycling pants for fall and winter

Cycling pants are made of highly elastic materials to adhere to the body and minimize air resistance while riding. However, it is worth paying attention to whether this material is good at dissipating heat and permeating air at the same time. Only high-quality fabrics have these properties, and they are essential for both comfort and health.

When it is hot outside, we usually choose cycling shorts, but in winter and autumn, when the temperature drops significantly, it is better to choose long cycling pants. When the thermometer bars are above zero, regular, insulated cycling trousers will suffice. They provide great protection against the cold, but at the same time are so thin that they do not overheat during intense exercise. When the temperature is low, it is best to choose models with an additional membrane that protects against wind and moisture - thanks to this, even on very cold days we do not have to worry about frostbite or colds.

Cycling long pants - what types are there?

Long cycling trousers, just like the short ones, are available in two basic versions: with and without braces. The advantage of the first version is that the suspenders help keep the pants in the right position throughout the training and prevent them from slipping.

Pants without braces, on the other hand, are easier to take off, making them a more comfortable option for some cyclists. In addition, we also have a choice of pants with or without silicone trim on the inside. However, it is worth choosing models with silicone, because it has an important function, namely, it prevents the clothes from being pulled up and rolled, and thus chafing.

Cycling pants with an insert

Each cycling pants should be equipped with a well-profiled shock-absorbing insert. Such inserts are sometimes made of foam or a gel layer combined with an outer material (microfiber or artificial chamois leather). However, gel pads for cycling pants work best, because they are not only comfortable, but also the most effective when riding over bumps. Additionally, they have bacteriostatic properties and prevent unpleasant odors that could appear after sweating the shorts. Insoles can be profiled in different ways, so sometimes it is worth testing several models of cycling pants to find the ones that suit us perfectly.

The colors of cycling pants for the winter

Most often, cycling pants are black, and some of them have additional colorful inserts. Their role is not only decorative - they act as reflectors that increase our visibility on the road. Therefore, for cyclists who often travel on the road, we especially recommend such models with elements in vivid colors. They are useful especially in the autumn and winter period, when dusk falls quickly, and during the day there are often unfavorable weather conditions limiting visibility.

The best cycling pants for professionals and amateurs

Our offer includes high-quality cycling pants for women and men, which will prove themselves regardless of the level of training advancement. They are perfect for both those who are just starting their adventure with cycling and for athletes who conduct regular, advanced training. All models are made of the highest quality materials, resistant to abrasion or tearing. Even after repeated washing, they retain their properties and look good, thanks to which one purchase can serve even for years.

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