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The best cycling jerseys only at mikesport

Are you looking for the perfect cycling jersey that will keep you comfortable and protected while cycling? In the mikesport store you will find a wide range of shirts dedicated to women, men and children. The store's offer includes over 500 patterns of cycling shirts, including:

Cycling jerseys are available in three cuts:

  • Loose-casual dedicated to MTB
  • Slightly fitted cut for those who do not like too tight and too loose shirts
  • A tight-fitting cut for those who do not like "flying" loose clothing

In addition, cycling jerseys are available in three versions:

  • short sleeve,
  • Long Sleeve
  • sleeveless.

How to choose the size of a cycling jersey?

When choosing a cycling jersey, it is very important to choose the right size. A T-shirt that is too tight can restrict movement, while a T-shirt that is too loose can cause chafing and discomfort while riding.

To choose the right size, measure your measurements and then compare them with the manufacturer's size chart. Pay attention to the circumference of the chest, waist and hips. Remember that different companies may have a slightly different cut, so it is always worth using the manufacturer's size chart.

Who is the cycling jersey for?

The cycling jersey is designed for anyone who rides a bike. Regardless of whether you are a beginner cyclist or an experienced cyclist, the right cycling jersey will keep you comfortable while cycling and protect your body from the harmful effects of sunlight. That is why it is so important to choose cycling shirts made of breathable and quick-drying materials that will ensure thermal comfort and keep the skin dry. In the case of MTB riding, it is worth choosing long-sleeved T-shirts that will protect against branches and scratches.

What is a cycling outfit?

Well-chosen cycling clothes, including cycling shirts, will not only affect the comfort and convenience of riding, but also positively affect your sports results. First of all, thanks to the special technologies used in the production, cycling jerseys can regulate body temperature, which prevents overheating or excessive cooling. Thanks to this, you can achieve better results and increase your performance during training and competition.

In the mikesport store you will find a wide selection of cycling jerseys from renowned manufacturers, such as Rogelli, Kaymaq, FORCE, Biemme i 100%. All products are carefully made of high-quality materials that ensure comfort and convenience of cycling. Regardless of whether you are a beginner cyclist or an experienced cyclist, at mikesport you will find the right cycling jersey for you.

In addition to the right cycling jersey, it is also important to fit your cycling outfit. Cycling clothes available in the mikesport online store will provide you with full comfort and freedom while riding. Cycling clothes are available in many variants, depending on your preferences and type of riding.

If you are looking for an MTB outfit, it is worth paying attention to dedicated models that will provide adequate protection when riding in difficult terrain. Cycling clothes will also be a good choice cycling shorts Whether loose fitting MTB cycling shorts with an insert that will provide additional comfort during longer routes.

It is worth remembering that properly selected cycling clothes will affect your comfort and safety while riding. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the technical parameters and adaptation to your individual needs.

Is Rogelli a good name for cycling clothing?

The answer is yes! The Dutch brand is one of the leaders in the market of bicycle clothing and accessories. On offer Firmy Rogelli you will find a wide selection of cycling jerseys, cycling clothes and other accessories for cyclists. The products of this brand are characterized by high quality, functionality and attractive design.

An important element when choosing the right jersey or cycling outfit is also the material from which they are made. Good quality materials will allow you to maintain the right body temperature, will be resistant to wind and moisture. In the mikesport online store you will find products made of high-quality materials that will provide you with full comfort while riding.

Rogelli cycling jerseys above all, they should be comfortable and functional. It's best when they have pockets where you can store small items such as keys or a phone. Reflectors are also important, which will increase your safety on the road. In the mikesport store you will find cycling jerseys that will meet all your expectations.

In conclusion, choosing the right cycling clothing and accessories is extremely important for your comfort and safety while riding. In the mikesport online store you will find a wide selection of products from renowned brands that will meet all your expectations. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

What is the difference between a cycling t-shirt and a regular t-shirt

A cycling jersey differs from a regular t-shirt in several important features. Firstly, it is made of a special, breathable material that allows air to circulate freely and quickly remove moisture from the body. Thanks to this, you do not sweat as quickly, which in turn translates into greater comfort while driving.

Secondly, cycling jerseys are designed in such a way that they fit the body and do not cause friction or chafing during a long ride. They usually have a longer back, which protects the back from drafts, and special mesh panels that provide ventilation in places where the body sweats the most.

Thirdly, cycling jerseys usually have pockets on the back where you can store small items such as keys, wallet or phone. They are also usually more resistant to UV rays, which is especially important when driving on sunny days.

In general, the right cycling jersey will make you more comfortable while riding and will allow you to enjoy cycling more.

How to wash cycling shirts?

To properly wash cycling jerseys, there are a few rules to follow. First, always check the laundry care label. Secondly, use a gentle laundry detergent that will not damage the fabric and preserve its technical properties. Thirdly, choose the right washing temperature, usually not higher than 30 degrees Celsius. Fourthly, do not use a dryer as the high temperature can damage the fabric and affect the tee's technical properties. Instead, dry the T-shirt naturally, such as in a dryer or laying flat. Also, remember to avoid washing your cycling jerseys with fabrics that can leave stains or deposits on the jersey, such as towels or shower curtains. Following these rules will allow you to maintain the high quality of your cycling jersey for a long time.

Cheap cycling jersey vs expensive cycling jersey. How is the difference?

Cycling jerseys come in a variety of prices, with the more expensive models often having better technical features and a higher build quality. Cheap cycling jerseys are usually made of cheaper materials that do not provide adequate moisture management and ventilation, which can lead to an uncomfortable feeling and overheating of the body while cycling.

More expensive cycling jerseys are made of better materials, such as stretchy and breathable fabrics that provide better body temperature regulation, which contributes to a more comfortable and efficient ride. In addition, cycling jerseys often come with additional features, such as back pockets for easy storage of keys, phone or food, and reflective elements for better visibility when riding at night.

If you only cycle occasionally or are a beginner, a cheaper cycling jersey may be sufficient. However, if you cycle regularly and for longer distances, it is worth investing in a better quality cycling jersey that will keep you comfortable, protect you from overheating and improve performance while riding.

It is worth remembering that the price of a cycling jersey does not always reflect its quality and it is worth carefully examining the offers on the market to find the best cycling jersey at a reasonable price.

Cycling jerseys at a reasonable price - Choose KAYMAQ clothing - a brand created by Mikesport

Are you looking for a comfortable and functional cycling jersey that will not burden your wallet? Choose KAYMAQ clothing! This brand was created by the experienced Mikesport company, which has been specializing in the production of clothing for athletes for years.

KAYMAQ cycling jerseys is a combination of the highest quality materials with an attractive design. Their light and airy fabric will provide you with comfort during long cycling trips, and at the same time effectively wick away sweat, thanks to which your body will remain dry and cool.

In the KAYMAQ brand offer you will find many different patterns and colors of cycling shirts, thanks to which you can easily match them to your style and preferences. What's more, the price of these T-shirts is very affordable, which means that you can afford to buy several different models without overloading your budget.

Do not wait any longer and choose KAYMAQ cycling jerseythat will allow you to enjoy a sporting feat without burdening your wallet!

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