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Do you want to learn more about the history of the Chiba cycling gloves brand and why it is worth choosing them for your cycling adventures? We invite you to read our post, where we will tell you about the history and advantages of gloves of this brand.

The history of the Chiba glove brand

The origins of Chiba

The Chiba brand was founded in 1853 by Peter Chiba, who passionately followed his dream - creating excellent cycling gloves . Initially, the company produced gloves for horse riders, but over the years it began to specialize in gloves for cyclists as well. Thanks to innovative solutions and excellent quality of its products, the Chiba brand has gained recognition around the world.

Technologies in CHIBA cycling gloves

Are you wondering what technologies have been used in the CHIBA cycling gloves available in the MIKESPORT store? In the following article, we present the most important innovations that distinguish CHIBA gloves from the competition.

AirVent system

The AirVent system, used in many models of CHIBA cycling gloves , is a technology that ensures perfect ventilation of the hands while riding. Thanks to the use of special materials and ventilation holes, the hands remain dry and comfortable even during intense workouts.

GEL padding

CHIBA cycling gloves often feature a GEL padding that absorbs vibrations and protects hands from injuries. Thanks to this technology, cycling becomes much more comfortable, and the cyclist can enjoy longer routes without pain in the hands.

Touchscreen friendly

Some models of CHIBA cycling gloves are equipped with Touchscreen Friendly technology, which allows you to operate a smartphone or other devices with a touch screen without having to take off the gloves. This is extremely useful during long bicycle trips, when we want to check the map or answer calls.

Ulnar Nerve Protection

CHIBA gloves also use Ulnar Nerve Protection technology, protecting the ulnar nerve against pressure and vibration. Thanks to this, the cyclist can avoid the pain and discomfort that often accompany long trips on the bike.

Non-slip finishes

Some models of CHIBA cycling gloves are equipped with non-slip finishes on the fingers or palms, which increases grip and allows a more secure grip on the handlebars. This is another element that improves the comfort of cycling.

What is BIOXCELL technology?

BIOXCELL technology is a unique solution used in CHIBA cycling gloves, which is designed to ensure maximum comfort and protection of the hands while cycling. It consists of ergonomic, gel pads, placed at key points of the glove to optimally protect the hands from vibrations and pressure.

Benefits of using the BIOXCELL technology

Vibration damping

When cycling, your hands are exposed to vibrations generated by uneven terrain. Thanks to the use of BIOXCELL technology, the gel cushions effectively absorb these vibrations, reducing the risk of fatigue or discomfort during long trips.

Pressure reduction

The chiba BIOXCELL cycling gloves also help to reduce pressure on the hands, especially in areas where the pressure on the handlebars is greatest. By optimally distributing the weight on the hands, the BIOXCELL technology minimizes the risk of pain or numbness while driving.

Ergonomic fit

CHIBA cycling gloves with BIOXCELL technology are designed to perfectly fit the shape of the rider's hand. Thanks to this, they provide not only comfort, but also improve grip and control over the steering wheel.

Better ventilation

The BIOXCELL technology also takes into account the need to ventilate the hands while cycling. Using appropriate materials and perforations, gloves with BIOXCELL allow air to flow, keeping hands dry and comfortable even during intense effort.

Choose cycling gloves with BIOXCELL technology in the MIKESPORT store

If you are looking for cycling gloves with advanced technologies that will provide you with comfort and protection of your hands while riding, be sure to check out the offer of CHIBA cycling gloves with BIOXCELL technology in the MIKESPORT store . Our range includes various models and sizes, thanks to which every cyclist will find a product ideally suited to his needs and preferences. Regardless of the level of advancement or type of cycling, gloves with BIOXCELL technology guarantee comfort and protection at every stage of your cycling adventure. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and take advantage of the professional advice of our experts.

Models of CHIBA cycling gloves with BIOXCELL technology

In the MIKESPORT store's offer you will find various models of CHIBA cycling gloves with BIOXCELL technology . Below we present selected models available in our assortment:

  1. CHIBA BIOXCELL SUPER FLY cycling gloves - light and breathable gloves, ideal for riding in warm conditions.

  2. CHIBA BIOXCELL PRO cycling gloves - professional gloves with a high level of cushioning and ergonomic shape.

  3. CHIBA BIOXCELL ROAD cycling gloves - dedicated to road cycling, providing excellent grip and comfort.

  4. CHIBA cycling gloves BIOXCELL AIR - light and airy, with additional reinforcement in sensitive areas.

  5. CHIBA women's cycling gloves BIOXCELL LADY - specially designed for women, taking into account the anatomy of the hand.

In colder conditions, it is worth paying attention to:

  1. CHIBA BIOXCELL WARM WINTER Primaloft warm winter cycling gloves - providing excellent thermal insulation thanks to Primaloft technology.

  2. CHIBA BIOXCELL LIGHT WINTER transitional light cycling gloves - ideal for colder days, offering protection against wind and cold.

All models of CHIBA cycling gloves with BIOXCELL technology guarantee comfort and hand protection while cycling. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the right model for yourself.

Primaloft technology in CHIBA gloves

Primaloft is an advanced thermal insulation technology used in sports clothing and accessories, such as CHIBA cycling gloves. Below we discuss what Primaloft technology is, how it works and what benefits it brings to users of CHIBA gloves.

What is Primaloft technology?

Primaloft is a synthetic insulation material that was developed as an alternative to natural down. It consists of fine polyester fibers that create a structure resembling natural down. Primaloft offers excellent thermal properties, lightness, breathability and moisture resistance.

The use of Primaloft technology in CHIBA gloves

Primaloft technology is used in CHIBA gloves to provide optimal thermal insulation in cold conditions. Gloves with Primaloft insulation, such as CHIBA BIOXCELL WARM WINTER , keep your hands warm, protecting them from cold and wind while cycling.

Benefits of using Primaloft technology

Excellent thermal insulation

Primaloft offers exceptional thermal insulation properties, even with a small thickness of the material. Thanks to this, CHIBA gloves with Primaloft provide warmth and comfort in cold conditions.

Lightness and compressibility

Primaloft material is extremely light and easily compressible. CHIBA gloves with Primaloft insulation are not only lightweight, but also take up little space, which is important during long cycling trips.


Primaloft is characterized by high breathability, which allows moisture and sweat to be drained to the outside of the glove. Thanks to this, the hands remain dry and comfortable even during intense effort.

Moisture resistance

Primaloft technology is also moisture resistant, which means CHIBA gloves with Primaloft retain their insulating properties even when wet. This is important for cyclists who have to face rain or wet conditions. In CHIBA cycling gloves with Primaloft technology, users can enjoy excellent thermal comfort and protection against cold and moisture. Regardless of the weather conditions, the CHIBA gloves with Primaloft insulation will prove themselves while cycling, guaranteeing optimal conditions for the hands.

Choose CHIBA gloves with Primaloft technology at the MIKESPORT store

If you are looking for winter cycling gloves with high thermal properties, be sure to check out the offer of CHIBA gloves with Primaloft technology in the MIKESPORT store . Our models, such as CHIBA BIOXCELL WARM WINTER or CHIBA BIOXCELL LIGHT WINTER , combine the advantages of Primaloft technology and innovative solutions used by the CHIBA brand. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the right gloves for your needs and preferences. Our team of experts are at your disposal to help you find the perfect cycling gloves.

Why are CHIBA gloves so good?

CHIBA cycling gloves are highly appreciated by cyclists thanks to the high quality, advanced technologies and innovative solutions that the brand uses in its products. Here are some of the key reasons why CHIBA gloves are so good:

High quality materials

The CHIBA brand uses high-quality materials that ensure comfort, durability and functionality of gloves. By choosing CHIBA gloves, you can be sure that you get a product that will serve you for a long time and will be resistant to damage or abrasion.

Advanced technologies

CHIBA uses advanced technologies, such as BIOXCELL or Primaloft , which guarantee exceptional comfort and protection while cycling. BIOXCELL technology provides effective shock absorption, protecting your hands from fatigue, while Primaloft offers excellent thermal insulation, even in cold conditions.

Ergonomic design

CHIBA cycling gloves are designed with ergonomics in mind, which means that they fit perfectly to the shape of the hand, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. The CHIBA brand also offers special models for women that take into account the anatomical characteristics of women's hands.

Protection and security

CHIBA cares about the safety of cyclists by using additional reinforcements and reflective elements in its gloves. Thanks to this, CHIBA gloves not only protect your hands while riding, but also increase the visibility of the cyclist on the road, which is especially important in poor visibility conditions.

A wide range of models

The CHIBA brand offers a wide range of models of cycling gloves, adapted to different weather conditions, types of cycling and individual needs of users. Thanks to this, every cyclist can find the perfect CHIBA gloves for themselves, regardless of their preferences or level of advancement.

Brand reputation

CHIBA is a brand with many years of tradition and experience in the production of sports gloves

TOP 10 of the most popular CHIBA summer cycling gloves

Here is a list of CHIBA's top 10 summer cycling gloves that offer great comfort, protection and functionality for cyclists in the warmer months:

  1. CHIBA BIOXCELL SUPER FLY cycling gloves - light and breathable gloves with advanced BIOXCELL technology, ensuring optimal shock absorption.

  2. CHIBA BIOXCELL PRO cycling gloves - professional gloves with BIOXCELL technology, designed for performance and comfort during long cycling trips.

  3. CHIBA BIOXCELL ROAD cycling gloves - ideal gloves for road cycling enthusiasts, combining BIOXCELL technology with a perfect fit.

  4. CHIBA cycling gloves BIOXCELL AIR - extremely light and airy gloves, providing excellent hand ventilation when riding on hot days.

  5. CHIBA women's cycling gloves BIOXCELL LADY - specially designed for women, with BIOXCELL technology and anatomical fit for women's hands.

  6. CHIBA cycling gloves BIOXCELL ROAD - another version of the popular road gloves with BIOXCELL technology, guaranteeing comfort and performance on the road.

  7. CHIBA GEL PREMIUM cycling gloves - gloves equipped with gel cushions for better shock absorption and comfort while riding.

  8. CHIBA BIOXCELL CLASSIC cycling gloves - a classic model of gloves with BIOXCELL technology, combining comfort and functionality in an elegant edition.

  9. CHIBA MISTRAL cycling gloves - gloves with quick-drying material and ventilation, ideal for cyclists looking for comfort on hot days.

  10. CHIBA cycling gloves COOL KIDS - children's cycling gloves, ensuring safety, comfort and functionality for the youngest cyclists.

Choose the perfect CHIBA summer cycling gloves that will meet your expectations and needs.

What summer gloves to choose for the summer?

The choice of summer cycling gloves depends on your individual needs, riding style and preferences. Below are the differences between short and long finger gloves and the benefits of using CHIBA summer cycling gloves.

CHIBA short or long finger summer cycling gloves? What is the difference?

Short finger gloves:

  • They provide better ventilation and cooling of the hands on warm days

  • They are usually lighter and more airy

  • Perfect for road, touring and recreational cyclists

  • They offer greater freedom of movement for the fingers

Long finger gloves:

  • They provide additional protection for the fingers against abrasions, cuts or impacts

  • Often used by mountain bikers who need better hand protection

  • They can be a bit warmer, which works well on cooler summer days

  • They provide fuller coverage of the hand, which may be important for some users

Why use CHIBA summer cycling gloves?

Here are some reasons why you should use CHIBA summer cycling gloves:

  1. Shock Absorption - CHIBA gloves, especially those with BIOXCELL technology, help absorb shock, protecting your hands from fatigue and discomfort on long rides.

  2. Better grip - cycling gloves improve your grip on the handlebars, giving you more control over your bike and making your ride safer.

  3. Hand protection - gloves protect hands against abrasions, cuts, impacts or sunburn.

  4. Comfort - CHIBA summer cycling gloves are made of breathable and quick-drying materials, which makes them comfortable on hot days.

  5. Aesthetics - CHIBA gloves offer a variety of designs and colors so you can choose the ones that best suit your style and personality.

When choosing CHIBA summer cycling gloves, consider your preferences

Which Chiba winter cycling gloves to choose?

Choosing Chiba winter cycling gloves depends on a variety of factors, such as the weather conditions you plan to ride in, your preferred level of warmth and comfort, and your budget. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Chiba winter cycling gloves:

  1. Thermal Rating : Choose gloves with an appropriate thermal rating that will provide enough insulation for the conditions you will be riding in. Chiba offers different models of gloves with different levels of thermal insulation, such as BIOXCELL WARM WINTER (warm winter gloves) or BIOXCELL LIGHT WINTER (transitional lightweight gloves).

  2. Waterproof : If you plan to ride in rainy and wet conditions, choose gloves with a waterproof membrane, such as the Chiba RAIN PRO.

  3. Windproof : Windproof gloves like the Chiba PHANTOM provide extra protection against cold winds that can cause your hands to get cold quickly.

  4. Comfort and fit : Choose gloves of the right size and shape that will fit your hands well for comfort and freedom of movement.

  5. Materials : Gloves made of high-quality materials, such as Primaloft in the Chiba ALASKA PRO or Chiba BIOXCELL WARM WINTER models, provide better thermal insulation and longer life.

  6. Safety : Some Chiba gloves, such as Chiba PRO SAFETY, have reflective elements to increase visibility when riding in dark and foggy conditions.

  7. Transition period - if you are looking for Chiba cycling gloves for the transition period, check out the Chiba THERMOFLEECE WATERPRO model, which is made of insulated and breathable THERMOFLEECE material.

Browse the available models of Chiba winter cycling gloves, compare their features and choose the ones that best meet your expectations and needs. Remember that the right gloves will provide comfort and protection when driving in winter conditions.

TOP 10 of the most popular CHIBA winter cycling gloves

Here is a list of CHIBA's top 10 winter cycling gloves that offer great protection, warmth and functionality for cyclists in the colder months:

  1. CHIBA CLASSIC warm winter cycling gloves - classic, warm cycling gloves, ideal for riding in colder conditions.

  2. CHIBA BIOXCELL WARM WINTER warm Primaloft winter cycling gloves - gloves with Primaloft technology, ensuring excellent thermal insulation and comfort during winter rides.

  3. CHIBA BIOXCELL LIGHT WINTER transitional light cycling gloves - light, transitional gloves, perfect for cooler days in the autumn and spring.

  4. CHIBA PHANTOM light winter cycling gloves - light, warm cycling gloves, perfectly protecting your hands against wind and low temperatures.

  5. CHIBA waterproof cycling gloves THERMOFLEECE WATERPRO - gloves equipped with thermofleece material, which has been additionally impregnated, keeping your hands warm and dry.

  6. CHIBA ALASKA PRO PRIMALOFT winter gloves - high-quality winter gloves with Primaloft technology, offering exceptional warmth and protection in difficult weather conditions.

  7. CHIBA winter cycling gloves RAIN PRO, Primaloft - waterproof and warm gloves with Primaloft technology, protecting hands against rain and cold.

  8. CHIBA winter cycling gloves CROSS OVER - universal, winter cycling gloves, ideal for cyclists using various cycling disciplines in the colder months.

  9. CHIBA COMMUTER winter cycling gloves - practical and comfortable gloves, designed for everyday cycling in colder conditions.

  10. CHIBA PRO SAFETY insulated gloves - insulated cycling gloves with additional reflective elements, increasing safety on the road.

Choose from this list the perfect CHIBA winter cycling gloves that will meet your expectations and needs. When choosing gloves, consider your preferences regarding comfort, warmth, water resistance and aesthetics. In the CHIBA brand offer you will find gloves suitable for different types of cycling, from recreational to professional, as well as for everyday cycling. Remember that the right winter cycling gloves will help you keep your hands comfortable and warm while riding in cold and harsh weather conditions.

How to choose the right size of cycling gloves

Choosing the right size of cycling gloves is crucial for the comfort and effectiveness of hand protection while cycling. Here are a few steps that will help you choose the right size of cycling gloves:

  1. Measure the circumference of your hand : Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of your hand at the widest point, i.e. around the knuckles, excluding the thumb. Make sure the tape measure is tight, but not too tight - it should fit snugly in your hand, but not pinch.

  2. Check the length of the fingers : The length of the fingers can also affect the comfort of the gloves. To measure the length of your fingers, measure from the base of each finger to the tip. Compare these values with the glove manufacturer's size chart.

  3. Check the size chart : Most cycling glove manufacturers, including CHIBA, offer a size chart based on hand circumference and finger length measurements. Compare your measurements with the chart to find the right size for you.

  4. Choose the right size : If your measurements fall between two sizes, it's usually worth choosing the larger size for more comfort. Remember, however, that gloves should fit snugly to the hand, but not be too tight or restrict movement.

  5. Try on gloves : If possible, try on gloves before purchasing. Check that they are comfortable, do not restrict hand movements and that the fingers are not too long or too short. Gloves should also fit snugly around the wrist to provide adequate protection and heat retention.

Remember that different manufacturers may use slightly different size tables, so it's always worth checking the size chart of a specific brand before making a purchase.

How do you know if gloves are too big?

Cycling gloves may be too big if the following symptoms are present:

  1. Excess material : If you notice folds or excess material on your hands, especially around the fingers, this may be a sign that the gloves are too big.

  2. Fingers are too long : If the fingertips of your gloves extend far beyond your fingertips, you are probably wearing gloves that are too large. Long fingers can make it difficult to grip the handlebars and operate the brakes and shifters.

  3. Loose wrists : If the gloves do not fit snugly on the wrists, they may slip off while riding, which can be uncomfortable and lead to cold hands.

  4. Limited feeling : Large gloves can make it difficult to feel the handlebars, brakes and shifters precisely. If you have difficulty controlling your bike accurately with your gloves on, it may be a sign that they are too big.

  5. Lack of grip : If you feel that the gloves do not provide enough grip or are slippery on the handlebars, it may also be a sign that they are too big.

To sum up, CHIBA products in the MIKESPORT store are available in a wide range of high-quality gloves for cyclists for every season. From light, airy models for the summer, such as BIOXCELL SUPER FLY or BIOXCELL AIR, to warm and waterproof winter gloves, such as BIOXCELL WARM WINTER or THERMOFLEECE WATERPRO. CHIBA cares about the comfort and convenience of cyclists, using innovative technologies such as BIOXCELL or Primaloft, which provide optimal protection for the hands and improve the cycling experience.

At MIKESPORT you will find CHIBA gloves for men, women and children, available in different sizes and colors. Familiarize yourself with the offer and choose the right model that best meets your expectations and needs. Regardless of your level, type of riding or weather conditions, CHIBA cycling gloves guarantee maximum comfort, protection and durability so that you can enjoy cycling all year round.