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Cycling shoes

When completing a cycling outfit, special attention should be paid to cycling shoes. The choice of a specific model is important for driving comfort and safety, and in the case of professionals, it also translates into performance. Which cycling shoes should you choose? What else to stock up on? Familiarize yourself with our offer of cycling shoes.

Which cycling shoes should you choose?

Before you buy cycling shoes , it is worth familiarizing yourself with the different types of this product. In our offer you will find a wide variety of shoes for every type of sport related to cycling. Manufacturers create specialized cycling shoes that are tailored to the requirements of a given cycling hobby. The store offers products of recognized brands, such as Rogelli, Fizik or Giero.

SPD and MTB shoes

A wide range of Japanese brand Shimano products allows you to adjust SPD cycling shoes to specific blocks and the cyclist's expectations. The innovative clasp mechanism is comfort and efficiency during training. Don't give up on it if you want to equip your bike with light, easy-to-clean pedals. In order for them to fulfill their function well, both the latches and MTB shoes should be combined with additional elements.

Road shoes

In our store you will find road shoes , for example Tempo R4 by Fizik. Designers used the so-called overcurve that follows the shape of the foot. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped this cycling shoe with an upper made of laminated PU mesh, which allows better air flow. The offer also includes women's road shoes that will appeal to many women.

Hiking bicycle shoes

If you like cycling, but it's not your only hobby, you should consider hiking shoes , such as FLR ENERGY. These models are intended for riding on MTB bikes, but they do not have special cleats included. The manufacturer believes that it is a universal product. Due to the comfortable upper and the classic shape of the sole of sports shoes, we recommend this product for everyday wear. Ladies can also buy hiking cycling shoes , e.g. the Giro Berm W.

Accessories for cycling shoes

In our store, in addition to cycling shoes, you will find accessories that match them. We have a wide selection of various types of assortment. Products designed for cyclists will provide you with a comfortable ride. SPD cleats and pedals are especially useful. Cycling socks and special pads will also work for long cycling routes. Thanks to these things, you will not be surprised by any unforeseen situation, e.g. weather conditions.

Spare parts for cycling shoes

In our store you will also find laces for cycling shoes in many colors. In addition, we also have heels for road shoes, as well as knobs for these shoes. In addition, you can get metal plates for attaching MTB cleats to the shoe, as well as replacement buckles manufactured by the Giro brand. The manufacturer also produces spare straps for cycling shoes.

SPD cleats and pedals

Among the accessories, special attention should be paid to SPD blocks and pedals for a bicycle dedicated to road, mountain and recreational riding. The offer includes Shimano and Force products. You can find a large selection of standard platform pedals, e.g. from Rockbros. We also recommend detachable models that will facilitate the replacement of the accessory. In addition, you can purchase special templates for setting Shimano SPD blocks, thanks to which you will save a lot of time during assembly. A good setting will also have a positive effect on the ride itself.

Cycling socks

Take care of fitted, breathable cycling socks that will increase the comfort of riding. The advantage of these products is that they have special reinforcements on the toes and heels to prevent chafing. In addition, the manufacturers took care of adequate ventilation, e.g. by using a mesh in the Supportsport model. This solution will definitely be useful on hot days. You can choose from different heights of socks, such as ankle socks, socks or knee socks. Cycling socks are very versatile, so we also recommend them for other activities.

Covers for cycling shoes

Covers for cycling shoes will prove themselves on routes of various lengths and degrees of difficulty, and in all weather conditions. We especially recommend waterproof products, thanks to them rainy weather will not surprise you. We offer protection for cycling shoes made of various materials, e.g. knitted or neoprene, which are suitable for summer and cold days. In addition, the products are adapted to a specialized type of footwear, e.g. road or MTB. You can find an assortment of recognized brands such as Rogelli, Force and Rockbros.

Women's and men's cycling shoes

We offer women's cycling shoes and men's cycling shoes, as well as compatible accessories. Create your own set of cycling shoes and cleats to prevent your feet from slipping and to enjoy a safe, comfortable ride. Also take advantage of our sale of cycling shoes , where you will find interesting products at promotional prices.

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