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Women's and men's cycling sweatshirts

Cycling is, next to running, one of the most liked and most frequently practiced sports in Poland. The basis of a successful training is reliable equipment as well as stylish and professional cycling clothing , so everyone who practices competitive or amateur sports should know that jeans and a cotton sweater are not the best choice for a route of several or several dozen kilometers. A much more reasonable solution is to invest in dedicated cycling jackets that will make you feel comfortable while riding a bike.

In this category of our store you will find cycling jerseys from the best manufacturers - thanks to the huge variety of available solutions, you will certainly choose something suitable for you. Check what we can offer you!

Cycling jersey for every season

Men's and women's cycling sweatshirts are eagerly chosen both by people who occasionally go for a ride, as well as by true enthusiasts of two wheels, including professionals. This is due to the fact that in the production of this type of clothing, manufacturers use high-quality synthetic fabrics and additional insulation in the form of mesh or nap for colder seasons. Windproof panels perfectly protect against blasts or moisture. That is why a warm cycling sweatshirt for men or women is essential in autumn and winter - it will provide you with maximum ride comfort, will not restrict your movements and will allow you to enjoy maximum pleasure while practicing your favorite hobby.

Sports sweatshirts for bicycles from the best manufacturers

In order to meet the expectations of various customers, we have prepared a wide range of sports shirts for bicycles of the most respected manufacturers in the industry, such as Deko Sport, Donen, FDX, Force or Kaymaq. They differ not only in the materials used, but also in many other aspects. What to pay attention to when choosing a cycling jersey?

Size of the bike sweatshirt

This is of course the most important aspect - a cycling jersey should be properly adjusted to your height, weight and figure, so pay special attention to it. Our offer includes not only sports sweatshirts for adults, but also for younger lovers of traveling on two wheels. We recommend both XS and 7XL sizes.

Cycling jersey material

In this category, you will only find cycling sweatshirts, made of carefully selected fabrics. At your disposal are, among others, polyester products, as well as made of breathable Dynatherm Flex material.

What's more, we also recommend insulated cycling jackets , which are perfect for late autumn and winter, providing you with maximum thermal comfort.

Men's and women's cycling sweatshirts

We offer women's cycling jumpers , which will emphasize the beauty of your figure and will be tailored to your needs in terms of color and design, but also men's cycling jumpers , meeting the expectations of the most demanding users. Both women's and men's sweatshirts combine a perfect cut, durability and comfort.

Cycling sweatshirts with a unique design

Each cycling jersey is different. Thanks to the large variety of styles, color variants and patterns, you will surely find something that will suit your taste. We recommend both simple, single-color variants, as well as the most original, multi-colored sports sweatshirts - thanks to them you will stand out on every route. These are modern, elegant and stylish solutions in one place!

Adjust the cycling jersey to the weather conditions and your own needs

Before you get on your bike, make sure your cycling jersey is suitable for the prevailing weather. Taking into account the changing weather conditions, before setting off on the road, put on an onion skin or pack your outerwear in a handy pannier. When unbuttoned or put on, a cycling blouse should adhere to the body, so when folded, even a larger size will be compact.

We encourage you to invest in the best sports sweatshirts, as well as to familiarize yourself with other products available in our store. We recommend not only clothing, but also cycling shoes and accessories that will allow you to enjoy riding a bike even more!

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