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Rogelli clothing what company is this? A short history of the brand that produces cycling and running clothing


Rogelli Sportswear was founded in 1974 in North Brabant, the heart of the Dutch cycling world. Rogelli Sportswear has been successful for years, and in 1992 Rini Wagtmans acquired the Rogelli brand as part of GOWA Sportswear BV, based in Sint Willebrord.

Rini Wagtmans was a professional cyclist and participated in the Tour de France four times. He is one of the Dutchmen who rode the well-known yellow jersey during the Tour de France. He had a brilliant cycling career ahead of him until his health began to suffer. He developed heart problems and had to stop cycling. But his passion for cycling remained and Rini decided to start a cycling clothing company. He knew like no one else what good and exceptionally comfortable cycling clothing should have, and he set himself the goal of improving clothing for cyclists. Based on his own experience and knowledge, he commissioned cycling clothing that was not only functional, but above all comfortable. It turned out to be a good move and Rogelli developed into a successful cycling clothing brand.

Rogelli is a real family business

Rini's son Marijn Wagtmans took over the company in 1996. He saw new opportunities and under his leadership Rogelli grew into an international sportswear brand. As e-commerce and online marketing became more and more important in the business world, the third generation was ready to modernize the company. Rini's two grandsons, Melvin and Michael Wagtmans, have been running the company since 2018. Melvin, Marijn's youngest son, is responsible for organizational matters as CEO, while his older brother Michael, as Creative Director, is mainly responsible for the development of the collection. A collection for men, women and kids that no longer consists of just cycling clothing, but has now been expanded to include running clothing, triathlon clothing, fitness clothing and even a free-form line.

Rogella's clear vision

Since the acquisition of the third generation, Rogelli has been building a sustainable future. Melvin Wagtmans: “Our mission is to enable as many people as possible to play their favorite sport in comfortable sportswear. We believe that we can create sportswear where everyone can enjoy sports: amateurs, professionals and everything in between. Enjoying your distance in high-quality and functional sportswear, that's what we stand for." Rogelli's slogan is "Enjoy your distance" for a reason. This motto is reflected not only in the design of clothing, where comfort is still the most important thing, but also in the story that Rogelli tells. Everyone who buys sportswear from Rogelli is part of this story. A story about the joy of sport.

Where is Rogelli clothing produced?

Currently, cycling clothing is produced in several countries. Basic models such as Rogelli Perugia 2.0 cycling jersey, women's cycling jersey Rogelli Abbey or Rogelli ECON cycling shorts are made in China. These are the basic models of Rogelli cycling clothing products, which have been very popular for years. Also the price-quality ratio is sensational. It is hard to find another brand that would offer such a wide range of summer and winter cycling clothing. For all seasons, absolutely everyone will find something for themselves.

Other more expensive models of Rogelli cycling clothing are manufactured in the European Union and these are countries such as Italy or Poland. Examples of models produced in Europe are, for example, a women's cycling jersey Rogelli FLORA Rogelli animal waves, or a men's cycling t-shirt Rogelli Team 2.0. A big advantage of production in the EU is the fact that the materials used for the production of Rogelli cycling clothing are of better quality. Also, the cycling inserts sewn into Rogelli cycling shorts come from Italian factories specializing in the production of cycling inserts, and you must know that Italian cycling inserts are considered to be one of the best in the world, you will find them in virtually most premium brands of cycling clothing from around the world. Even Chinese brands that produce cycling clothing use Italian materials and inserts for cycling shorts, so that says something. Unfortunately, European Rogelli products have one downside, namely their price is sometimes 2-3 times higher than those made in China, but something for something. We want to have great quality and the best technologies, but unfortunately we have to pay more for it, but less than with other global brands.

picture. Rogelli cycling jerseys

Where is Rogelli running clothing made?

Rogelli men's and women's running clothes are mainly produced in factories in China. Despite the country of origin, the quality of Rogelli products remains at a high level. It can easily compete with other well-known brands. Of course, Rogelli does not offer high-end running clothing models, but an amateur runner will easily complete the entire running outfit without spending a fortune.

Rogelli Cycling Clothing

The Rogelli brand offers hundreds of cycling clothing products. We have the product both available for men, women and children. The multitude of designs, variety and affordable price put the Rogelli brand in the first place in the store.

Here are a few categories from Rogelli cycling clothing in which the brand reigns

  • summer men's cycling jersey it is available from cheap products at a price of about PLN 140 to expensive models costing even PLN 500 or more
  • professional women's cycling jerseys including the ABBEY sleeveless shirt, which is a sales hit every year
  • women's cycling shorts with and without suspenders, are especially sought after and bought in the version with inserts for long distances
  • men's cycling shorts also available with and without suspenders, just like for women, models with super comfortable inserts are selected, i.e. those that cost the most.
  • is it getting colder? Please Rogelli has cycling jacketsmatching colors to the collection. The Rogelli Caluso sweatshirt has been a sales hit for years
  • winter cycling jackets with a windproof membrane perfect for cold and winter days, which are loved and extremely popular among cyclists
  • insulated, thermoactive cycling trousers with and without suspenders. The Rogelli Fondo model and the Rogelli LARA women's version have been a bestseller for years
  • winter and summer cycling gloves including Rogelli Phoenix, solid and core models
  • also cycling socks, especially the winter version, are very popular with Rogelli Wool, and the summer versions with two packs of coolmax
  • oferta Rogelli MTB to cycling shorts i.e. adventure mtb short and jerseys with short and long sleeves also from the adventure mtb series.
  • Despite the use of materials with increased resistance to mechanical damage, the products still have good ventilation properties, which is important on hot days when we have to take the bike uphill.
  • The collection also did not include thermoactive underwear, including sweatshirts and T-shirts with short and long sleeves.
  • Rogelli cycling shoes are a novelty in recent seasons, dedicated to amateurs who are looking for good quality products at an affordable price
  • Rogelli bicycle helmets were a novelty for 2020. They appeared in basic colors and from the very beginning began to enjoy great popularity

Rogelli cycling clothes are high-quality products, available in a wide range and rich colors. Rogelli products are made of breathable, quick-drying material.

Rogelli running clothes

As we wrote earlier, Rogelli running clothing is a very good price-quality ratio. It offers a number of products

  • short men's running shirts, long sleeves and tank tops
  • women's running shirts also available in 3 versions
  • running shorts so-called marathon shorts with long and short legs or matching running shorts
  • for colder days can be found in Rogelli's offer running shirts
  • when a sweatshirt is not enough, it will probably come in handy running windbreaker jacket the vest
  • of course, running accessories such as hats, sleeves, running glovese for winter

Finally, be sure to check out the film promoting Rogelli clothing and brand. Write in the comments what you think about the Rogelli brand. If you use their products, what are your opinions about the Rogelli brand. What do you like about it and what would you change?