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Bicycle mirror - take care of your safety

Every responsible cyclist who takes safety seriously knows how important a bicycle mirror is . This small element allows you to quickly check what exactly is happening behind your back while driving. Thanks to this, there is no need to turn around, which carries a lot of risks. Although the described accessories are not mandatory equipment of the bicycle, they are still worth investing in. A mirror for a city bike greatly facilitates everyday movement on congested streets. We will also use them outside the city, during shorter or longer rides. When deciding to buy this type of gadget, the cyclist does not have to be afraid of losing control over the steering wheel, because he can count on the full spectrum of vision.

What bicycle mirrors can be found in our offer?

The assortment includes various models of mirrors, thanks to which you can easily match them to the type of your two-wheeler and the routes on which you most often travel. The most common option is a handlebar bicycle mirror , which can be mounted on either the right or left side. These types of versions can be easily installed and dismantled if necessary. What's more, they do not take up much space and guarantee a wide field of vision. Another option is bicycle helmet mirrors. They are compatible with virtually all types of helmets, making it a solution available to every cyclist. These types of versions require virtually no tools for assembly, thanks to which the installation takes literally a moment. What's more, they allow a wide range of adjustments, both along and around.

What distinguishes bike mirrors for handlebars from our offer?

Models included in this category are the most classic proposition. Such versions are very easy to assemble and use. The steering wheel mirrors also provide a stable image on any relatively even road. The items we offer are distinguished by an attractive modern design, thanks to which they can be easily adapted to any two-wheeler. We offer both classic round models with a long handle, which will certainly appeal to retro enthusiasts, and a rectangular bicycle mirror ideal for people who prefer accessories in a sporty style. All of them allow you to freely adjust the angle of inclination, so you can easily adjust it to the current road conditions.

Right-hand or left-hand bike mirror - choose your model

The assortment includes products of many well-known and reputable brands, such as Zefal, Force, Blackburn, Rockbros, Sportourer and AJS. All of them are made of high-quality materials, thanks to which you can count on long and trouble-free use. The road bicycle mirror and many other items available in the offer have an additional functionality which is the reflector in the front part of the mirror. Thanks to this, the cyclist is better visible on the road, which improves his safety. In our assortment you can find mirrors of various sizes, with a smaller or larger surface, which translates into visibility. Both the right-hand and left-hand bicycle mirrors have a 360-degree rotation function, thanks to which they can be 100% adjusted to your needs.

Additional information on mirrors

The accessories available in our assortment are distinguished by their low weight, thanks to which they do not affect the driving comfort or steering wheel control in any way. Detailed information on sizes can be found in the description of a specific product. Bicycle mirrors are made of different materials. Some of them are made of durable nylon, and there are versions of ABS plastic, which is known for its unbreakable properties. The offered accessories are also shock resistant and provide the ability to lock in the selected position. Models designed for road and MTB bikes have a universal silicone holder. In addition, we offer mirrors for electric two-wheelers. People who want to improve their visibility on the road and take care of their own safety can opt for reflective bands and LED bicycle bands , also available in the assortment.

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