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Covers for cycling shoes

Have you invested in high-end cycling shoes? Make sure they stay in good condition for several seasons. Cleaning and proper shoe care is essential, but shoe covers are also helpful. Their most important tasks include, first of all, protection of the inside of the shoe against the entry of troublesome pebbles, mud, sand or dirt from the ground. We know that even a slight pressure in the footwear can significantly reduce the comfort of training, as well as translate into performance. That is why bicycle protectors are a good idea, perfect for riding in all conditions.

Properly fitted cycling clothing is an important element of preparations for the start of the new season. However, if you ride a two-wheeler regardless of the weather or the season, choose rain boots for shoes that provide good protection against moisture and wind. Dry feet and socks are not only comfortable, but also feel good during training. Driving in winter? Don't give up on your hobby just because of low temperatures. Thermoactive cycling clothing and shoe warmers will do the job even when the mercury drops below zero.

All-weather protectors

Cycling enthusiasts often have to face the adversities that await them on the route. Most often they result from variable, demanding and unfavorable weather conditions. Strong wind, rain or snow can effectively make it difficult or even inconvenient to complete the planned route. However, if you properly prepare for the ride, even low temperatures, drizzle or mud on the route will not adversely affect the satisfaction with cycling training. Shoe covers are a special protective bicycle accessory - they are part of the bicycle equipment that is most exposed to the influence of water, moisture, cold and mud. Thanks to the high-quality covers for cycling shoes, you can go on a tour in the rain or in winter, as well as go on a mountain bike trip through streams.

Types of shoe covers

In our assortment you will find high-class cycling shoe covers. A large selection of models makes it easy for everyone to find a product best suited to their needs. Our offer includes both road and MTB shoe covers, as well as bicycle covers for hiking shoes. Each of these types of boots is characterized by specific properties and construction details. Thanks to this, they perfectly match the given type of cycling footwear.

The models available in our store can be divided into rain covers for shoes and warmers for shoes, perfect for colder days. You will find Velcro pads covering only the tops of shoes and models covering the entire surface up to the ankles.

High quality and reliable protection

The high functionality and effectiveness of the protectors available in our store are primarily guaranteed by the excellent quality of their workmanship. Covers for MTB, road or touring shoes are finished precisely and carefully, so that they can fulfill their most important function in one hundred percent, while ensuring full comfort of their use. Cycling shoe covers are made of waterproof, windproof and breathable material. Thanks to this, they provide the foot with thermal comfort and protection against moisture as well as adequate air circulation. The models we offer are also equipped with additional reinforcements in the area of the toes and heels and a practical adjustable Velcro or welt.

Lots of ways to protect

In our store you will find unique-class cycling shoe covers that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. We offer models for both men's and women's cycling shoes, in a variety of sizes and colors; equipped with reflective elements, additionally increasing your safety on the route!

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