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Cycling legs and cycling sleeves

Cycling outfit is not only pants, a T-shirt and a helmet - it is also additional accessories and small details that have a significant impact on the comfort and safety of riding. They include bicycle legs and cycling sleeves - accessories valued among cyclists, which prove themselves especially in autumn and winter, when the temperature and weather conditions can be felt more and more. They not only provide warmth, but also protect against wind and water. What's more, bicycle legs and sleeves can be an elegant complement to cycling styling.

In this category, you will find the best bicycle sleeves and legs from reputable manufacturers, which are made of carefully selected materials and meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Cycling sleeves and legs for every season

The main task of bicycle legs and cycling sleeves is thermal protection of arms and legs. They are used both with shorts or sleeveless shirts, as well as with costumes - especially on cold, autumn or winter days. However, this does not mean that they will not work well during other seasons of the year - they can be useful even in July, when the weather can play a trick at the least expected moment.

The sleeves, just like the bicycle legs, are made of thin, light materials that perfectly protect against cooling down. You can also choose insulated models, which will be perfect during winter training or trips outside the city.

Cycling legs and sleeves, which are effective protection against bad weather

In this category of our store you will find cycling legs and sleeves that will protect you not only against low temperatures, but also against difficult weather conditions. The best-quality products have additional functions such as:

windproof, thanks to which they ensure comfort even during strong and cold gusts of wind;
watertightness, which allows you to comfortably ride a two-wheeler also in rainy weather.

The best bicycle legs and sleeves are made of breathable materials that perfectly transport excess moisture without causing excessive sweating. This is of great importance at any time of the year, as it allows you to enjoy maximum comfort and reduces the risk of falling ill.

Sleeves and legs for a bicycle - the highest riding comfort

The advantage of the offered sleeves and legs for a bicycle is also their stability. Equipped with cuffs and made of appropriate materials, they will not slip while driving. What's more, their use does not involve the risk of restricting movements. In this way, you gain maximum freedom during many hours of expeditions or training.

Stylish cycling legs

Cycling sleeves and legs available at Mike SPORT are not only about comfort and safety. It is also a timeless style that is much appreciated by cyclists. Accessories matching the body look nice and allow you to create an original styling - they are available both in classic black and other colors. Thanks to this, you can easily find something suitable for you!

Cycling sleeves and cycling legs at

Our goal is to create a wide range of cycling sleeves and legs. So we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and meet their diverse tastes!

Quantity goes hand in hand with quality, which is why in this category you will only find bicycle legs and sleeves from renowned manufacturers. We especially recommend brands such as: Deko Sport, Force, Rockbros, Rogelli and Roxx. By investing in the solutions they offer, you can be sure of purchasing durable and modern accessories - this is the best way for a comfortable ride in all conditions!

Are you looking for something else? Check out the other categories of the Mike SPORT store. Here you will find the best cycling clothing and cycling shoes at attractive prices. Join other satisfied customers and bet on the best!

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