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When and where was the ALPINA brand established?

The Alpina brand was founded in Germany in 1980, and its origins go back even further, to 1946, when a company dealing in the production of glasses was founded.

What does Alpina produce?

Alpina specializes in the production of sports glasses, bicycle helmets, ski helmets and ski goggles. The brand is famous for the high quality of its products and attention to detail, which makes it one of the best manufacturers of sports equipment on the market.

Alpina Sports Glasses

They are designed for the most demanding users, such as athletes and competitors who require durable, functional and stylish glasses that will be able to meet their requirements. All Alpina sports glasses feature high-quality lenses that provide optimal protection against harmful UV rays.

Alpina bicycle helmets

This is another flagship product of the brand. Their solid construction and high-quality materials provide protection against injuries while cycling. Alpina helmets are comfortable and well ventilated, thanks to which they ensure comfort of use in difficult conditions.

Alpina ski helmets

A perfect solution for every skier who values ​​safety on the slopes. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and materials, Alpina helmets offer protection against injuries and heat loss, which allows you to enjoy winter sports to the fullest.

Alpina ski goggles

A product that has gained recognition among skiers and snowboarders around the world. Their innovative design and high quality of workmanship allow you to use them freely in all weather conditions.

Is it worth buying ALPINA products?

To sum up, the Alpina brand is one of the best brands producing sports equipment, including sports glasses, bicycle helmets, ski helmets and ski goggles. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and high-quality materials, Alpina products offer protection and comfort during sports and guarantee a fashionable and attractive look. If you are looking for professional sports equipment that will meet your requirements, the Alpina brand is the perfect choice!