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  • How to properly install cleats in cycling shoes?

    How to properly install cleats in cycling shoes?

    The purchase of bicycle shoes and clipless pedals is an issue that is directly related to the proper screwing of the cycling blocks to the shoes. It is worth remembering that improper assembly of the bicycle blocks may result in knee pain, problems with the hips and ankles.

    We advise what blocks for cycling shoes to choose and how to properly install them.

  • MIPS technology. What is it and for whom?

    MIPS technology. What is it and for whom?

    As a cyclist, you must watch out for obstacles in the roads, bicycle paths and watch over children, for example, who are riding with you. Besides, you cannot predict what other road users will do. A moment of distraction and you fall to the ground, often with great speed and force. If you had a helmet with MIPS technology, it would be without concussion and a few other injuries ...

  • What to consider when choosing and buying a cycling jacket?

    What to consider when choosing and buying a cycling jacket?

    A cycling jacket is a very useful piece of sports clothing, which should be owned by every cycling enthusiast. Check how to choose it!

Sportswear for runners and cyclists

MikeSport online sports store is the perfect place for those who love an active lifestyle and sports competition. We motivate to overcome barriers and achieve better and better results in the spirit of fair play. The best store for cyclists and runners offers a wide selection of products designed for every type of training. We provide the best protection against sun, wind, rain and cold both to those who start their adventure with sport and to players training a specific discipline. There is no bad weather to play sports if you have the right clothes and fit.

Do you ride a bike, run or maybe go skiing? Take care of your thermal comfort. Sportswear for professionals, accessories and footwear of the highest quality are the hallmarks of the MikeSport online sports store.

Shop for cyclists, runners and more

Cycling clothing, bicycle shoes and bicycle accessories are the largest part of the assortment of an online sports store. Nevertheless, we also offer a large selection of products for running, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Our online sports store offers only functional clothing, produced with the use of modern technologies. By visiting our sportswear store, you can be sure that you will receive sports clothes made of materials that ensure comfort of use. Fashionable styles and colors will make you stand out in the peloton with a stylish look and great preparation.

Choose your bike, jogging or gym outfit from well-known brands in the online sports shop No worries - we offer only the best quality and proven models of sportswear for professionals and amateurs, for which you will not overpay. Choose cycling glasses or ski goggles and update your fit out for the current season.

Online sports store for demanding more

The range of our online sports store includes:

As the best online store for cyclists, runners and all kinds of athletes, we offer products from renowned sports producers, such as: Kaymaq, Rogelli, Craft, DEKO, Giro, 100%, Fizik, Bell, Viking, FLR, Chiba, Ortlieb, Topeak, Uvex and Alpina. We are expanding the range with new brands to meet the current needs of the sports and fashion market. We also make sure that the selection of seasonal sportswear for professionals and amateurs is adapted to the current requirements of athletes. Cyclists, runners and skiers will find sportswear that meets their individual needs at any time of the year.

Sportswear for professionals and amateurs

Sportswear from MikeSport provides absolute comfort and safety during sports and outdoor activities. Clothing dedicated to athletes is also the best protection against injuries and the consequences of dangerous injuries. Every indisposition excludes from training. It's hard to get back in shape after a long break and catch up with the results.

T-shirts and thermal socks are best protected against cold - wind and frost. A bicycle shop with sportswear for women, men and juniors is the best place to stock up on a set of warm winter underwear.

A wide range of thermoactive products allows you to comfortably practice sports in the fall and winter season. Products made of modern fibers are used by cyclists, runners and skiers who practice amateur and competitive sports. The functionality of the fabric and a good fit to the shape of the body are what counts.

Polish brand of cycling clothing in the MikeSport sports store

Based on the experiences and needs of our customers, we have created our own, fully Polish brand of sports clothing - KAYMAQ. Cycling jerseys with unique patterns, pants and Cycling shorts and sweatshirts make up the extensive collection offered by the MikeSport online store for cyclists. Much of KATMAQ's sportswear is sewn in Europe.

Sets, a sweatshirt and a cycling jersey with the KAYMAQ logo are unique models for cyclists who want to emphasize their individual style. The original graphics go hand in hand with functionality and a perfect, anatomical cut. High-quality, elastic fabric conforms to the shape of the body. The material, slightly insulated on the inside, provides adequate thermal insulation, dries quickly, and thanks to its flexibility, it gives you full freedom of movement. Original KAYMAQ cycling clothing (e.g. DARK FOLK, PARROT, DESIGN M51 lines) are distinguished by their unique graphics. This is one of the most interesting offers of a sportswear store for women and men. Thanks to modern designs , MIkeSport leaves other bike shops far behind.

MikeSport cycling shop - functional, modern and stylish

The offer of compression clothing, T-shirts, jackets, trousers and running suits is full of modern solutions and interesting models. What else distinguishes our cycling store? Certainly, these are attractive prices, fast delivery times, and a wide selection of the most fashionable collections.

The products in the MikeSport sports shop are sorted by sports, described in detail and shown on the models. Take advantage of the filter features on the site that make shopping easier and save time. We constantly supplement our offer with the latest fashions. It is worth visiting the store and checking trends in sports fashion.

Start training today! A wide range of sportswear, footwear and accessories await your move in the MikeSport sports shop.

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