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Winter cycling gloves

You can ride on two wheels all year round. However, appropriate cycling clothing for all weather conditions is essential. In our offer you will find, among others extremely practical winter gloves that will protect your hands even against biting frost, while ensuring good mobility and a firm grip on the steering wheel. By choosing specialized cycling gloves for the winter, you will guarantee your comfort and safety. Our offer includes winter gloves for women and men in many different variants, so you can easily find the right product for you. All of them are distinguished by high quality and designed with the needs of cyclists in mind, so choose freely!

Winter cycling gloves with many functions

Winter cycling gloves are an indispensable piece of equipment for every cyclist. They work well not only in winter, but also in late autumn, when temperatures drop sharply and additional protection is needed. Thanks to the use of carefully selected materials and insulation in their production:

  • they will effectively protect you against frost, snow and very low temperatures, ensuring comfort while driving;

  • they will allow you to have a firm grip on the steering wheel, which will provide better control of the bike, also on difficult, snowy surfaces;

  • they will allow you to effectively protect your hand against corns, which will allow you to avoid pain after many hours of driving.

What's more, the use of lightweight and breathable materials means that your hands will not sweat excessively during intense exercise!

Winter cycling gloves - they protect not only against frost

Winter cycling gloves are not only protection against low temperatures. Our offer also includes models:

  • windproof gloves that protect against cold gusts of wind, which cyclists often struggle with in winter;

  • waterproof gloves, thanks to which you will avoid getting your hands wet - this is the best protection not only against snow, but also rain.

For those who train and travel on difficult routes, we offer cycling gloves for winter with foam or gel cushioning. Thanks to them, you will no longer have to deal with excessive vibrations, which in turn will allow you to avoid discomfort and wrist injuries.

All this makes winter cycling gloves very popular not only among experienced cyclists. They are also used by people who use their bikes sporadically.

Cycling gloves for winter men and women

There is always something for everyone at Mike SPORT, regardless of gender. We recommend winter cycling gloves for women and men, which differ not only in size - there are models in various colors and patterns, as well as with different decorations, at your disposal. Thanks to this, you will create your own original style and you will present yourself professionally on every route.

We also recommend many sizes of winter bicycle gloves - from XS to 3XL - we are able to meet the expectations of every cyclist.

Top brands of winter sports gloves at Mike SPORT

Winter cycling gloves will only be a good investment if they are made of the best materials and using proven technology. This is guaranteed by the best manufacturers in the industry, such as: Kaymaq, Chiba, Deko Sport, FDX, Force, Giro, Rogelli or Shimano. You can find their products in this category of our store. Choose comfort, durability and the most modern design of winter cycling gloves!

Check out the best offer for winter cycling gloves!

We encourage you to check out our wide range of winter sports gloves. Among them you will find the most popular solutions, appreciated by cyclists all over the world.

Our offer also includes other types of cycling clothing and cycling accessories. Check out the full set and choose solutions that will make cycling even more fun!

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