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Summer cycling gloves (short fingers) - maximum comfort and a firm grip on the handlebar

Regardless of whether you cycle long, bumpy routes on your bike, or take it to school or work, cycling gloves for the summer (short fingers) will come in handy . These useful bicycle gadgets are an attribute of every cyclist who appreciates the comfort of riding.

Our offer includes gloves that will create a stylistically consistent outfit with other elements of sports clothing. Cycling shorts, a T-shirt and good gloves are exactly what you need to ride!

We offer comfortable models with open fingers that do not hinder your use of your smartphone. These summer cycling gloves (short fingers) are designed to perfectly fit the needs of cyclists!

Cycling gloves for the summer (short fingers) - a must-have for every cyclist!

The models that you can find in our offer definitely increase the pleasure of cycling. This is because:

  • ensure a firm grip of the steering wheel - in the case of most models, the inner part is made of non-slip materials. This is why wearing gloves makes it easier to control the vehicle;

  • they are comfortable and protect against possible abrasions. Hands are protected by a silicone insert.

Open-finger gloves also provide excellent ventilation, which is important - especially when it gets a little warmer outside.

What distinguishes our cycling gloves for summer (short fingers)?

We offer a wide selection of practically designed, carefully made models. These are both women's summer cycling gloves (short fingers) and men's models. They are made of high-quality fabrics, incl. made of polyurethane, nylon, polyester, and also have sewn silicone elements. However, their top shell is made of breathable materials.

Choose gloves with a very sporty character, designed with cyclists in mind. Make riding on two wheels even more fun!

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