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Summer cycling gloves (short fingers) - maximum comfort and a firm handlebar grip

Regardless of whether you are cycling long, bumpy routes, or getting to school or work, you will need cycling gloves for the summer (short fingers) . These useful bicycle gadgets are an attribute of every cyclist who appreciates the comfort of riding.

In our offer you will find gloves that will create a stylistically coherent outfit with other elements of your sports wardrobe. Cycling shorts , a T-shirt and good gloves are exactly what you need for riding!

We offer comfortable models with open fingers that do not hinder your use of the smartphone. These summer cycling gloves (short fingers) have been designed to perfectly suit the needs of cyclists!

Cycling gloves for the summer (short fingers) - a must-have every cyclist!

The models that you will find in our offer definitely increase the pleasure of cycling. This is because:

ensure a firm grip on the steering wheel - in the case of most models, the inner part is made of non-slip materials. This is why wearing gloves makes it easier to control the vehicle;

they are comfortable and protect against possible abrasions. The hands are protected thanks to the silicone insert.

Open-finger gloves also provide excellent ventilation, which is of great importance - especially when it gets a little warmer outside.

What distinguishes our summer cycling gloves (short fingers)?

We offer a wide selection of practically designed, carefully made models. They are both women's cycling gloves for the summer (short fingers) , as well as models for men. They are made of high-quality fabrics, e.g. made of polyurethane, nylon, polyester, and also have silicone elements sewn in. While their upper shell is made of breathable materials.

Choose gloves with a very sporty character, designed for cyclists. Let riding on two wheels become even more fun!

What are the best materials for cycling gloves ?

The best materials for cycling gloves are those that offer comfort, breathability and durability. Some popular materials include:

Neoprene: great for colder days, insulates well

Leather: durable, breathable, provides good grip

Synthetic fabrics: lightweight, breathable, often quick-drying

What size of cycling gloves to choose?

To choose the right size of cycling gloves, measure the circumference of your hand just below the fingers, excluding the thumb. Then compare the dimensions with the manufacturer's size chart. A well-chosen size will ensure comfort and full freedom of movement.

Can cycling gloves help prevent hand numbness?

Yes, cycling gloves can help prevent hand numbness as they have padded palms that reduce vibration and strain on the nerves.

What are the best cycling gloves for women?

The best cycling gloves for women are those that are tailored to the female anatomy of the hand, have the right thickness of padding, provide good grip and breathability. In the mikesport online store you will find various brands such as: chiba, giro, ziener or spokey.

What are the best cycling gloves for men?

Just like for women, the best cycling gloves for men should be hand-shaped, comfortable, breathable and durable. Check out brands such as: 100%, rockbros, supacaz or rogelli.

How to care for cycling gloves ?

To keep your gloves in good condition:

Wash the gloves by hand in lukewarm water with a mild detergent

Dry gloves flat, away from direct heat

Avoid drying in the sun, which may cause color fading

Is it worth investing in more expensive cycling gloves ?

Investing in more expensive cycling gloves can be worthwhile due to better quality materials, higher comfort, better fit and longer life. High-quality cycling gloves can also provide better protection and support for your hands, which can translate into better riding performance. It is worth paying attention to brands such as: force, deko or shimano cycling gloves , which are known for their durability and comfort.

Additional questions

Which cycling gloves to choose?

The choice of cycling gloves depends on your needs and preferences. It is worth paying attention to:

Material selection: breathable, durable, waterproof

Padding: reduce vibration, prevent hand numbness

Fit: anatomical, comfortable, adjustable

What cycling gloves for the summer?

For the summer, it is worth choosing short cycling gloves with light, breathable materials that will ensure comfort when riding on hot days. Models with a mesh back of the hand, which provides better ventilation, are a good choice.

Why cycling gloves ?

Cycling gloves have several important functions:

Hand protection against abrasions and injuries

Providing a better handlebar grip

Reduction of vibration and strain on the hands

Comfort and support on long rides

How to choose the size of cycling gloves ?

By measuring the circumference of the hand just below the fingers, without the thumb, we can choose the right size of cycling gloves. We then compare the measurements with the manufacturer's size chart to find the perfect fit.

Is it worth buying cycling gloves ?

Yes, it is worth buying cycling gloves because they improve riding comfort, provide a better handlebar grip, protect your hands from abrasions and injuries, and help reduce vibrations and stress on your hands.

Chiba gloves and BioXCell technology

The Chiba brand is one of the leading manufacturers of cycling gloves . Their products are known for their high quality workmanship, comfort and innovative technologies. One such technology is BioXCell, which stands out in the market and contributes to exceptional comfort while driving.

Why is BioXCell technology so good?

BioXCell technology uses a specially designed, ergonomic gel that is placed in key areas of the hand for optimal padding and support. Here are some reasons why BioXCell technology is so good:

Vibration reduction : BioXCell gel padding effectively dampens vibrations, minimizing hand fatigue when riding over rough terrain.

Ergonomic support : BioXCell technology provides support to the hand in a way that reduces pressure on the nerves, helping to prevent hand numbness.

Improved grip : BioXCell gel padding provides excellent grip, allowing for a firmer grip on the handlebars and greater control of the bike.

Breathability : Chiba gloves with BioXCell technology often have additional ventilation panels that allow better air circulation, keeping your hands dry and cool.

Durability : Chiba gloves with BioXCell technology are made of high-quality materials that ensure a long product life.

If you're looking for cycling gloves that provide exceptional comfort and support, consider a model with BioXCell technology from Chiba. Thanks to the innovative approach to padding and ergonomics, your hands will be protected and relaxed even during long and demanding bike rides.

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