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Bike hanger (on the wall), holders, shelves and racks for a bike

The storage of bicycles requires an optimal amount of free space. This is a particularly problematic task in limited-sized flats. The basement, storage space for sports equipment, balcony - each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. It is true that it would be safest and most convenient to keep the bike at home? Bicycle hangers are a great solution for athletes who take care of their sports equipment. The bicycle wall hanger is not only a utility but also a practical gadget. Recently, this type of bicycle accessories are gaining popularity in the eyes of interior designers who treat them as an original decorative element.

The Mike Sport offer includes wall hangers and bicycle stands, adapted to various types of two-wheelers. But this is not the end. In addition to bicycle hangers on the wall and bicycle racks, we offer other bicycle accessories that will help you maintain your bike and carry out minor repairs on a regular basis. Various types of bicycle tools include Allen keys, keys and screwdrivers perfect for tightening or unscrewing individual parts. The offer is complemented by bicycle pumps that you can use stationary or take with you on the road. We also offer cleaning and sealing preservatives and chain lubricants.

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