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Wireless bike computers with gps

Bike computers are useful gadgets for professionals and enthusiasts of two wheels. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, they measure not only the distance covered and training time, but can also count calories burned and control the cyclist's pulse, and even propose their own training plans. In addition, the bicycle computer with GPS will check your location and ensure that you will never get lost on the road or in the field.

There are two basic types of meters. Wireless and wired bike computers. The wireless meter communicates with the sensors via radio waves, which allows for more convenient use and easier installation. Often, these types of models are also more advanced when it comes to the number of available functions.

In our store you will find both wireless and wired bicycle computers. We offer both simple counters with few functions, as well as extensive gadgets that will appeal to even the most demanding and ambitious cyclists. We only offer equipment from proven brands of excellent quality, including the popular, multi-functional Sigma Sport bicycle computers. These are bicycle accessories that add fun to every ride or training, so it's worth having such a gadget in your inventory.

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