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Wireless bike computers with gps

Bike computers are useful gadgets for professionals and enthusiasts of two wheels. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, they measure not only the distance covered and training time, but can also count calories burned and control the cyclist's pulse, and even propose their own training plans. In addition, the bicycle computer with GPS will check your location and ensure that you will never get lost on the road or in the field.

There are two basic types of meters. Wireless and wired bike computers. The wireless meter communicates with the sensors via radio waves, which allows for more convenient use and easier installation. Often, these types of models are also more advanced when it comes to the number of available functions.

In our store you will find both wireless and wired bicycle computers. We offer both simple counters with few functions, as well as extensive gadgets that will appeal to even the most demanding and ambitious cyclists. We only offer equipment from proven brands of excellent quality, including the popular, multi-functional Sigma Sport bicycle computers. These are bicycle accessories that add fun to every ride or training, so it's worth having such a gadget in your inventory.

Bicycle computers with heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor is an extremely useful feature for every cyclist. How does a heart rate monitor with a cycling computer work? While driving, the gadget monitors changes in the heart rate in the body and presents the results on an ongoing basis. Too high a pace during training can result in muscle burn, such problems can prevent you from practicing sports for some time. Therefore, it is worth using the device to avoid serious injuries. Decide to buy a bicycle heart rate monitor and monitor your body during exercise.

Bicycle computers with altimeter

The second useful function in the cycling computer is the altimeter. It is an ideal option for people who are going for a ride in the mountains. It will also be useful for those who travel in mountainous terrain on a daily basis. The cycling computer with altimeter determines the altitude at which you are currently located. The device compares two parameters - your current pressure and the pressure at a point of known altitude. Thanks to it, you can also track how much you have left to reach the mountain peak.

Cycling computers with cadence

There are many factors that affect the proper technique of cycling. One of them is pedaling frequency. Want to check it out, but don't feel like counting your leg movements on an ongoing basis? Cycling computers with cadence are used to measure this variable . They determine the pedaling speed, i.e. the number of revolutions of the crank per minute. Thanks to the cadence measurement, you are able to work out your favorite pace of riding. By using it regularly, you will optimize your technique and make your journeys more comfortable.

Bicycle computers with GPS

Bicycle GPS is a feature that you must absolutely decide on. It is useful not only for professionals, but also for beginners. This small device will improve the effectiveness of your cycling trips. It will show you the fastest and best route to the location of your choice. The counter with GPS will not only read the planned route, but also propose it itself. Thanks to this option, you will better organize your training, easily reach the set goal and you will be able to share the route with others. Bike computer with GPS will check your location and make you never get lost on the road or in the field.

Cycling computers with calorie counting

You burn about 200 kcal by cycling a 10-kilometre route at a slow pace. However, it is difficult to estimate this number yourself. If you attach great importance to controlling your weight on a daily basis, a cycling computer with calorie counting will be suitable for you. The use of such a function is very motivating to undertake further physical activities. You certainly won't want to end your ride when the wireless computer shows too few calories burned.

A classic counter and a bicycle computer

However, if you need a device that will have all of the above features, choose a bike computer with GPS . It combines a heart rate monitor, speedometer and altimeter. You can also check the calories burned on it. This is a solution for people who like to have all the useful options in one place. Be sure to pay attention to the Sigma wireless bike computer. It is high-quality equipment that is particularly popular.

Bicycle computer - necessary accessories

All bicycle computers need the right accessories. Thanks to them, you will diversify the comfort of using the equipment and significantly diversify bicycle rides or training. The docking station will certainly make charging the meter easier. The heart rate transmitter and the cadence sensor will allow you to fully use its potential. In addition, a holder that will keep the bike computer stable can also be useful. If you don't know which accessory to choose, choose the whole set that will definitely make your travels easier.

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