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Bike protectors - why is it worth having them on your equipment?

Practicing extreme sports is inherently associated with the risk of serious injuries and damage to certain parts of the body. For this reason, lovers of this type of activity should have good quality bicycle protectors on their equipment . Our level of security directly results from how we protect ourselves. When riding a two-wheeler, the situation can change very dynamically, and properly selected protective elements can often save our lives and health. Joints are particularly vulnerable to injuries, especially the elbow, ankle, hip and shoulder joints. Also, pay attention to your wrists and knees. A good bicycle protector will eliminate or at least limit the effects of a fall.

What bicycle protectors can be found in our offer?

The assortment includes various types of protectors designed for both adults and children who often ride with their parents. Most of these types of products are made of flexible and soft materials that harden when they come into contact with the surface during the fall. Thanks to this, bicycle protectors are comfortable to use and do not affect the ride itself in any way. As a result, they are perfect for both short and longer rides. Another important advantage is good breathability. This is especially important if you want to invest in armor, i.e. a body protector. Internal protective elements stay firmly in place, which translates into full freedom of movement. What MTB protectors can be found in this category?

Knee protection

These types of products protect against level 1 impacts. Their great advantage is the ease of putting on and smooth sliding. The outer layer shows increased resistance to abrasion, and the equipment with a flexible silicone band makes the protectors stay in place. Their advantage is also low weight and flexibility. To improve the cooling quality, there is a special mesh in the back. In addition, there are bike protectors with a second level of protection. They will prove themselves both when driving off-road and during downhill rides.

Elbow protection

The elbow is exposed to damage to a similar or even slightly greater extent than the knee, because it takes some of the loads from the steering wheel. In our offer you can find shorter and longer versions of protectors, so that each person can adjust them to their preferences. The use of a special flexible foam means that they do not restrict movement in any way. Their advantage is also high strength and increased resistance to cracking, even in the case of frequent impacts. The light but solid construction means that wearing elbow protectors does not impair the comfort of riding in any way. We offer models that provide level 1 and 2 protection.

Body protection

Effective protection of the back, especially the spine, is crucial for all lovers of fast driving. The classic armor is in the form of a shirt protecting both the back, shoulders and chest. Models with long sleeves additionally protect the elbows. We offer MTB protectors designed for different seasons. All of them are distinguished by good breathability and a soft finish. Super lightweight versions are also available for complete freedom of movement. The material from which the protectors are made adapts to the body, hardening on impact and bending while riding.

Wrist protection

People who care about even more safety during extreme activities can also invest in wrist protectors. In practice, these body parts are highly exposed to damage during a capsize. The products we offer are distinguished by a slim and well-fitting design, thanks to which they can be worn both under gloves and on their own. This type of bicycle protectors have special panels that guarantee good air circulation. The presence of bendable stiffening plates made of strong ABS plastic provides additional support. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the range of bicycle helmets , which are one of the most important elements affecting the safety of the cyclist.

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