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Cycling shorts what is it and which one to choose?

We usually start to complete cycling clothing with cycling shorts, otherwise known as cycling shorts. Why this element as cycling shorts? Usually, if you go on a long trip on a bike, your butt starts to hurt after a few hours. Then you start looking for a solution, what to do to ride, and our four letters didn't hurt so much? When you go with a group of friends, you will receive a password to buy cycling shorts.

Yes, cycling shorts. But which one to choose from among so many models?

Cycling shorts, commonly known as cycling shorts or cycling shorts, can be divided into two types

  • Type 1 are cycling shorts with a pad where their cut is tight, they are adjacent to the body. Made of elastic material, it is popularly said that the shorts are made of Lycra, come on it is a reserved name for the material produced by the INVISTA brand. The seams in such shorts are flat, reducing the risk of chafing. They are always equipped with a comfortable cycling insert, the most expensive models are made of the highest quality materials available on the market. The tailored cut of the shorts, flexibility and breathability, or rather airiness, means comfort and full freedom of movement, and additional amenities such as low weight will make them practically not felt on you, they are light. In more expensive models, a better insole is sewn in, a better bicycle insole is a guarantee of even better comfort when cycling over long distances. Models made of tight and body-fitting material are available with or without braces. For everyday riding to work or around the city, cycling shorts are not very suitable. It's different for long bicycle trips, then they will repay you with high comfort. Remember that we DO NOT WEAR underwear under tight cycling shorts. Why? Because underwear will cause abrasions, it rolls up while riding, creating discomfort.
  • Type 2 are loose cycling shorts popularly known as cycling shorts. Shorts are loose cycling shorts, often made of elastic material, they protect against abrasions because they often have a material reinforced for mechanical damage. Also, like tight cycling shorts, they guarantee full freedom of movement, and for people who do not like tight shorts, they will be the perfect solution. Loose cycling shorts may have inner cycling shorts with a pad called cycling boxers. Such cycling boxers can be pulled out, unfastened and used as sports shorts not only for cycling. Cycling shorts will prove themselves not only on mountain trips but also for everyday cycling.

Cycling shorts with suspenders - why?

Professional cycling shorts are equipped with elastic braces. Suspenders in cycling shorts are usually made of a flexible mesh material. Mesh is a mesh, a material with a mesh structure, ensures a perfect fit and guarantees high breathability, which is important at high temperatures.

Suspenders make the cycling shorts do not slip while riding, you do not have to pull them up every now and then, they do not crumple at the waist because they do not have an elastic waistband. Women's cycling shorts with braces have a special buckle in the braces that can be unfastened, making it easier to take off such cycling shorts when women need to go. Guys have an easier task, because all they have to do is pull the front part of the shorts.

More expensive models of cycling shorts have elastic wide silicone welts as a finish of the legs. Cheaper models are also equipped with a silicone welt, which is usually sewn from the inside of the leg. In both cases, such a ribbing prevents the legs from riding up while cycling.

A comfortable insole is the key to high comfort. The most expensive models of cycling shorts are equipped with cycling inserts made in Italy, i.e. they come from the country where the best cycling inserts in the world are produced, practically for all leading manufacturers of cycling clothing.

Women's cycling shorts

For women, our mikesport store also offers professional women's cycling shorts. Remember that there are two important differences between men's and women's cycling shorts.

The cut - shorts is typically women's, in the case of the version without suspenders, their waist is much higher than in the men's version. The version with braces may have an additional buckle to facilitate taking off the shorts. Also, the braces themselves in cycling shorts are designed differently without compressing the bust too much while riding.

women's cycling shorts have a specially designed women's cycling pad, it has a different shape and its anatomical structure protects women's most sensitive body parts from abrasions and too much pressure.

We would like to remind you that we do not wear underwear under women's cycling shorts. Underwear can curl and cause abrasions. Alternatively, you can wear thongs, the amount of material is so small that it should not cause the material to curl.

Men's cycling cycling shorts

Amateurs will choose the version of cycling shorts without suspenders, those who know the subject of cycling clothing and know what to choose, i.e. those who ride a bike a lot and cover hundreds or thousands of kilometers a month will choose the version of men's cycling shorts with suspenders. Regardless of which one you choose, cycling shorts will have an insert, the only question is which one? Unfortunately, the more expensive the biking shorts with braces, the better the materials, the better, i.e. the more comfortable cycling insole, so think about whether you want to buy cheap cycling shorts or maybe it is worth to add 20 EUR more and buy cycling shorts that you will use with pleasure? A comfortable cycling insole means high riding comfort, but above all, no abrasions, no painful four letters after a long bicycle distance.

Loose cycling shorts - otherwise MTB shorts

Loose cycling shorts were created primarily for riding in rough terrain, where ordinary cyclists made of elastic material can no longer do it. Loose cycling shorts for a bike are usually also made of elastic material, but with a reinforced structure for mechanical damage, they are breathable, they have elements that increase air flow. As we wrote above, they may or may not have inner cycling shorts with inserts, otherwise known as cycling boxers with inserts. In fact, in the absence of such bicycle boxers, we can easily use any tight cycling shorts. Why ? Because in such cycling shorts we have a much more comfortable cycling pad than boxer shorts or inner cycling shorts attached to MTB cycling shorts. Shorts are very often chosen by people who commute to work by bike every day or simply do not like tight, fitted cycling clothing. Not usually an important advantage is the fact that having loose cycling clothes makes it easier for us to blend in with the surroundings. Particularly important when we are going to the city and we do not really want to wear lycra cycling clothing.

Bicycle insert - the key to comfort

The best cycling insoles are made in Italy. The most expensive models of cycling shorts are always equipped with an Italian cycling pad.

Is a gel cycling insole good? If you care about high comfort in cycling shorts, look for an insert with high foam density, preferably made of several elements, completely seamless, the only seam you will see is connecting the cycling insert with shorts, which is permanently sewn. Forget inventions where the insert itself can be replaced, if it guaranteed high comfort, everyone would use it, especially professional cycling groups. That is, the cycling insert must be seamless, have an upper material and a structure that is pleasant to the touch, made of high-quality, high-density foam (then such foam does not crush completely when pressed, leaving space), the insert must also be flexible so that it can adapt to the figure body and the important function of perforation, i.e. additional holes that increase air flow, which reduces the risk of abrasions. Why not gel? Because the gel is hard, changes shape over time, does not let air through, the foam itself in the cycling insole gives much better comfort than the combination of gel and foam.

Finishing cycling shorts

Cycling shorts can additionally be finished with reflective elements that improve the visibility of the cyclist in low light. Reflective elements in cycling shorts are usually in the form of prints or piping, i.e. a narrow strip sewn into the leg of cycling shorts

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