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Which cycling shorts to choose?

Cycling clothing we usually start to complete with cycling shorts otherwise known as cycling shorts. Why this element as cycling shorts? Usually, if you go on a long trip on a bike, your butt starts to hurt after a few hours. Then you start looking for a solution, what to do to ride, and our four letters didn't hurt so much? As you are traveling in a group of friends you will receive a password buy cycling shorts.

Yes, cycling shorts. But which one to choose from among so many models?

Cycling shorts commonly known as cycling shorts or cycling shorts can be divided into two types

  • Type 1 is cycling shorts with a pad where their cut is tight, they are close to the body. Made of elastic material, it is popularly said that the shorts are made of Lycra, come on it is a reserved name for the material produced by the INVISTA brand. The seams in such shorts are flat, reducing the risk of chafing. They are always equipped with a comfortable cycling insert, the most expensive models are made of the highest quality materials available on the market. The tailored cut of the shorts, flexibility and breathability, or rather airiness, means comfort and full freedom of movement, and additional amenities such as low weight will make them practically not felt on you, they are light. In more expensive models, a better insole is sewn in, a better bicycle insole is a guarantee of even better comfort when cycling over long distances. Models made of tight and body-fitting material are available with or without braces. For everyday riding to work or around the city, cycling shorts are not very suitable. It's different for long bicycle trips, then they will repay you with high comfort.Remember that we DO NOT WEAR underwear under tight cycling shorts. Why? Because underwear will cause abrasions, it rolls up while riding, creating discomfort.

  • Type 2 are loose cycling shorts popularly known as cycling shorts. Shorts are loose cycling shorts, often made of elastic material, they protect against abrasions because they often have a material reinforced for mechanical damage. Also, like tight cycling shorts, they guarantee full freedom of movement, and for people who do not like tight shorts, they will be the perfect solution. Loose cycling shorts may have inner cycling shorts with a pad called cycling boxers. Such cycling boxers can be pulled out, unfastened and used as sports shorts not only for cycling. Cycling shorts will prove themselves not only on mountain trips but also for everyday cycling.

What are the most important features of good cycling shorts?

Here are some of the most important features of good cycling shorts:

  1. Comfort - good cycling shorts should be made of a soft and flexible material that provides adequate support for the muscles, and at the same time does not restrict movement.

  2. Breathability - the best cycling shorts are made of breathable materials, which allows you to maintain the right body temperature and avoid excessive sweating.

  3. High quality materials - cycling shorts should be made of durable materials that are resistant to abrasion and damage.

  4. Anatomical shape - a good shape of cycling shorts should adapt to the shape of the body and provide adequate support for the muscles.

  5. Comfortable braces - braces in cycling shorts should be comfortable and not restrict movement, and at the same time provide adequate support for the back.

  6. Comfortable cycling pad - good cycling shorts should be equipped with a comfortable cycling pad, which prevents chafing and provides additional support, as well as high comfort over long distances.

It is worth remembering that when choosing cycling shorts, you should be guided not only by the price, but above all by their functionality and quality.

Which cycling shorts with or without braces?

  1. Cycling shorts with suspenders

    Bib shorts, also known as bib shorts, are one of the most popular options among cyclists, especially professional ones. These shorts are characterized by a short leg and the presence of braces, i.e. an elastic band that runs over the shoulder and connects at the back. The suspenders prevent the shorts from slipping out of place and ensure a better fit to the body. In addition, shorts with suspenders are more comfortable than those without suspenders, because they do not compress the waist and do not restrict movement.
  2. Cycling shorts without suspenders

    Shorts without braces, also called shorts, are popular among amateur cyclists. They are characterized by a short leg, but do not have an elastic band connecting the arm. Without suspenders, the shorts are held only at the waist. Their advantage is undoubtedly greater freedom of movement and lighter construction.

Cycling shorts with suspenders - why?

Professional cycling shorts, are those that are equipped with elastic braces. Suspenders in cycling shorts are usually made of a flexible mesh material. Mesh is a mesh, a material with a mesh structure, ensures a perfect fit and guarantees high breathability, which is important at high temperatures.

The suspenders keep the cycling shorts from sliding down while driving, you do not have to pull them up every now and then, they do not crumple at the waist because they do not have an elastic waistband. Women's cycling shorts with braces have a special buckle in the braces that can be unfastened, making it easier to take off such cycling shorts when women need to go. Guys have an easier task, because all they have to do is pull the front part of the shorts.

More expensive models of cycling shorts have elastic wide silicone welts as a finish of the legs. Cheaper models are also equipped with a silicone welt, which is usually sewn from the inside of the leg. In both cases, such a ribbing prevents the legs from riding up while cycling.

A comfortable insole is the key to high comfort. The most expensive models of cycling shorts are equipped with cycling inserts made in Italy, i.e. they come from the country where the best cycling inserts in the world are produced, practically for all leading manufacturers of cycling clothing.

Women's cycling shorts

For women, we will also find professional ones in the offer of our mikesport store women's cycling shorts. Remember that there are two important differences between men's and women's cycling shorts.

  • Cut - shorts is typically feminine, in the case of version without braces their condition is much higher than in the male version. Braces version may have an additional buckle to facilitate taking off the shorts. Also, the braces themselves in cycling shorts are designed differently without compressing the bust too much while riding.

  • women's cycling shorts have a specially designedwomen's insoleIt has a different shape, and its anatomical structure protects women's most sensitive body parts from abrasions and too much pressure.

We would like to remind you that we do not wear underwear under women's cycling shorts. Underwear can curl and cause chafing. Alternatively, you can wear thongs, the amount of material is so small that it should not cause the material to curl.

Men's cycling cycling shorts

Amateurs will choosecycling shorts version without suspenders, those who know the subject of cycling clothing and know what to choose, i.e. those who ride a bike a lot and cover hundreds or thousands of kilometers a month will chooseversions men's cycling shorts with braces. Regardless of which one you choose, cycling shorts will have an insert, the only question is which one? Unfortunately, they are more expensive cycling shorts with braces the better the materials, the better and more comfortable the cycling insole, so think about whether you want to buy cheap cycling shorts or maybe it's worth to add PLN 100 more and buy cycling shorts that you will use with pleasure? A comfortable cycling insole means high riding comfort, but above all, no abrasions, no painful four letters after a long bicycle distance.

Loose cycling shorts - otherwise MTB shorts

Loose cycling shorts They were created primarily for riding in rough terrain, where ordinary cyclists made of flexible material can no longer do it. Loose cycling shorts for a bike are usually also made of elastic material, but with a reinforced structure for mechanical damage, they are breathable, they have elements that increase air flow. As we wrote above, they may or may not have inner cycling shorts with inserts, otherwise known as cycling boxers with inserts. In fact, in the absence of such bicycle boxers, we can easily use any tight cycling shorts. Why ? Because in such cycling shorts we have a much more comfortable cycling pad than boxer shorts or inner cycling shorts attached to MTB cycling shorts. Shorts are very often chosen by people who commute to work by bike every day or simply do not like tight, fitted cycling clothing. Not usually an important advantage is the fact that having loose cycling clothes makes it easier for us to blend in with the surroundings. Particularly important when we are going to the city and we do not really want to wear lycra cycling clothing.

Bicycle insert - the key to comfort

The best cycling insoles are made in Italy. The most expensive models of cycling shorts are always equipped with an Italian cycling pad.

Is a gel cycling insole good? If you care about high comfort in cycling shorts, look for an insert with high foam density, preferably made of several elements, completely seamless, the only seam you will see is connecting the cycling insert with shorts, which is permanently sewn. Forget inventions where the insert itself can be replaced, if it guaranteed high comfort, everyone would use it, especially professional cycling groups. That is, the cycling insert must be seamless, have an upper material and a structure that is pleasant to the touch, made of high-quality, high-density foam (then such foam does not crush completely when pressed, leaving space), the insert must also be flexible so that it can adapt to the figure body and the important function of perforation, i.e. additional holes that increase air flow, which reduces the risk of abrasions. Why not gel? Because the gel is hard, changes shape over time, does not let air through, the foam itself in the cycling insole gives much better comfort than the combination of gel and foam.

Finishing cycling shorts

Cycling shorts can additionally be finished with reflective elements that improve the visibility of the cyclist in low light. Reflective elements in cycling shorts are usually in the form of prints or piping, i.e. a narrow strip sewn into the leg of cycling shorts

Cycling shorts or cycling pants?

Cycling shorts are a type of cycling shorts that are specifically designed for cycling. They have a short leg that ends above the knee, which allows the free flow of air on hot summer days. Cycling shorts are made of elastic and breathable materials, which ensures comfort and coolness while riding.

Cycling pants, on the other hand, are long pants that are also specially designed for cycling. They have a long leg that protects the legs from the cold when riding in difficult conditions. Cycling trousers are also made of stretchy and breathable materials, but provide additional protection against adverse weather conditions.

In conclusion, cycling shorts are the best choice for summer and warmer weather, while cycling pants are more suitable for colder seasons or more demanding weather conditions.

Is it worth having special cycling shorts?

Yes, it is worth having special cycling shorts as they help prevent discomfort and pain while cycling, especially on long trips. Cycling pads, which are built into cycling shorts, help absorb vibrations and reduce pressure on the intimate parts of the body, which is especially important when riding on uneven terrain.

Compared to traditional sports shorts, cycling shorts have specially designed inserts that provide adequate cushioning and protection while cycling. In addition, the cycling shorts have a special finish that prevents chafing and allows for free movement while pedaling.

However, it is worth remembering that when choosing cycling shorts, you should pay attention to the type of insert, its thickness and density. For men and women, the inserts are designed slightly differently to adequately protect the private parts of the body and the sit bones. Inserts made of materials such as polyurethane foam or gel, provide great comfort and cushioning, while allowing free air flow.

Overall, special padding cycling shorts are worth the investment as they keep you comfortable and protected while cycling. It is worth paying attention to the quality of the insert and the materials used in the production to ensure the best experience while cycling.

Do cyclists wear knickers? Should you wear knickers under cycling shorts?

If you are a beginner cyclist or cyclist, you are probably wondering what to wear under cycling shorts. Are panties necessary or is it better to give them up for the insert itself?

First of all, it is worth noting that cycling shorts themselves function as underwear. Professional shorts have a well-cut material and a special insert designed to ensure comfort while riding. Thanks to it, we can move around freely on the bike. The flat seams of the insert, placed in the right places, do not irritate the skin, unlike underwear, which can move while riding and unnecessarily cause skin abrasions. Most of the inserts in cycling cycling shorts also have antibacterial properties, skilfully wick sweat and moisture to the outside, which effectively prevents infections of the intimate area and urinary tract.

Bearing in mind the above, it can be safely said that riding in cycling shorts without underwear is completely safe and hygienic, as long as we follow a few rules. First of all, cycling shorts should be washed regularly to get rid of potential bacteria. If we do not have such a possibility, it is worth at least wiping the insert with wet wipes for intimate hygiene.

It should be noted, however, that many women are reluctant to ride in shorts, when in fact they have nothing to fear or be ashamed of. Laymen do not know that we are going without underwear, because it is simply not visible. On the market you will find a large selection of this type of loose cycling shorts and shorts

If, after all, you prefer riding in underwear and you are not convinced to shoot in shorts, at least invest in the right sports panties. Such underwear is made of well-breathable and sweat-wicking materials.

What are the best cycling shorts for men/women?

There is no one specific answer to the question of what are the best cycling shorts for men and women, because choosing the right model depends on many factors, such as preferences, riding style, length of the route, weather conditions and many more. However, there are brands and models that enjoy great popularity and recognition among cyclists, for example Rogelli, kaymaq ,Force, Biemme. It is important to choose shorts made of high quality materials, tailored to individual needs and ergonomic, ensuring adequate ventilation, protection against abrasions and shocks and comfort while riding. It is also worth paying attention to details, such as braces, elastics around the legs or inserts, to ensure the highest comfort during long bicycle trips.

How to choose the size of cycling shorts?

Choosing the right size of cycling shorts is crucial for comfort and efficiency while riding. Here are some tips on how to choose the right size:

  1. Check the size chart: most manufacturers offer a size chart for their shorts. Find your measurements and compare them to the chart to find the best size.

  2. Check reviews from other users: If you buy shorts online, read reviews from other users who have already purchased the product. They can give you valuable advice on sizing.

  3. Choose shorts that suit your riding style: If you prefer a sporty position, shorts should be tighter and tighter. However, if you prefer looser cycling clothing, you can choose shorts called MTB cycling shorts.

  4. Check the elasticity of the material: Cycling shorts should be flexible and adapt to your body. Check that the material is flexible and adapts to your movements.

Remember that the right size of shorts is the key to comfort while riding. When carrying out the above steps, you should choose the right size that will provide you with comfort and efficiency while cycling.

Is it worth investing in more expensive cycling shorts?

It is worth investing in more expensive cycling shorts, because they are usually made of higher quality materials, which translates into better quality and durability of the product. Thanks to this, the shorts are more comfortable to use, provide better muscle support and minimize the risk of abrasions and chafing. In addition, more expensive cycling shorts have additional functionalities, such as special inserts designed to ensure maximum comfort over longer distances. It is therefore worth investing in more expensive cycling shorts, especially if you are cycling intensively.

Finally, which cycling shorts to choose?

In conclusion, choosing the right cycling shorts is crucial for your comfort and convenience while cycling. There are two main types of shorts: with suspenders and without. Bib shorts offer better support and keep the material from shifting, keeping you comfortable on long rides. On the other hand, suspender shorts are easier to put on and take off and more flexible in terms of movement.

You should also pay attention to the material from which the shorts are made. The material must be breathable, moisture-wicking and abrasion-resistant. It is also worth noting the comfort of the elastic waistband and legs.

When choosing the right cycling shorts, it is also worth considering your needs. Amateurs and beginners can choose shorts from the lower price range, while for professionals who spend a lot of time on the bike, it is worth investing in higher quality shorts.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that the choice of shorts is tailored to individual needs and preferences, ensuring maximum comfort while cycling.

How to wash cycling shorts?

Cycling shorts should be washed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions on the label. It is usually recommended to wash them at 30-40 degrees Celsius, preferably in a washing machine on a program for delicate fabrics. Washing should be done separately from other clothes and without additives such as fabric softeners or bleach.

Do not tumble dry the shorts, as high temperatures can damage their elasticity. Instead, they should be air dried, preferably flat, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.

After washing, it is also worth taking care of proper storage of shorts, e.g. by hanging them on a hanger or storing them in a special bag. Thanks to this, they will serve us for a longer time, maintaining their properties and ensuring maximum comfort while cycling.

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