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SPD cleats and pedals for bicycle

SPD pedals and cleats are something that no one serious about cycling can do without. The design of the SPD system makes driving more efficient and smoother. Thanks to the fact that the cyclist's legs are connected to the pedals, the efficiency of his movements also increases.

The SPD system consists of special pedals and cleats. The SPD pedals have special latches, while the SPD cleats for the bicycle are elements that ensure connection with the two-wheeler, which is attached to the shoes. The system consisting of blocks and pedals SPD for a bicycle is used primarily in mountain biking and tourism. Similar mechanisms are also used in road bikes.

In our store you will find the highest quality SPD components - Shimano SPD cleats and pedals, the precursor of the click system. They are distinguished by advanced mechanisms as well as safety and convenience of use. SPD cleats and pedals can be purchased separately or in a set. Our assortment includes a wide selection of models with different properties and purpose, so you can easily choose the right bicycle accessories for yourself. You will surely be delighted with their high quality and functionality, thanks to which you will cover all routes faster and more comfortably.

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