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Cycling glasses, Goggles

There is nothing more fun than a bike ride on a beautiful sunny day. However, the sun's rays that cheer you up and give you energy can also be bothersome and harmful. Therefore, when riding a two-wheeler, it is worth having the appropriate bicycle accessories with you. Special cycling glasses will protect your eyes from radiation and allow you to see better.

Which cycling glasses should you choose? The most important criteria are good UVA and UVB filters, comfort and aerodynamic shape. Such cycling glasses will certainly improve your comfort and efficiency during training or recreation on two wheels. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose photochromic glasses for a bicycle, the lenses of which darken with increasing light intensity, or glasses with interchangeable lenses for a bicycle. Their advantage is, above all, their versatility and great functionality. Polarized cycling glasses are also perfect, thanks to their properties they reduce the glare of light, improving vision and reducing eye strain. In our assortment you will also find models with corrective inserts for people with visual impairments and useful accessories for glasses.

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