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Cycling glasses, Goggles

There is nothing more fun than a bike ride on a beautiful sunny day. However, the sun's rays that cheer you up and give you energy can also be bothersome and harmful. Therefore, when riding a two-wheeler, it is worth having the appropriate bicycle accessories with you. Special cycling glasses will protect your eyes from radiation and allow you to see better.

Which cycling glasses should you choose? The most important criteria are good UVA and UVB filters, comfort and aerodynamic shape. Such cycling glasses will certainly improve your comfort and efficiency during training or recreation on two wheels. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose photochromic glasses for a bicycle, the lenses of which darken with increasing light intensity, or glasses with interchangeable lenses for a bicycle. Their advantage is, above all, their versatility and great functionality. Polarized cycling glasses are also perfect, thanks to their properties they reduce the glare of light, improving vision and reducing eye strain. In our assortment you will also find models with corrective inserts for people with visual impairments and useful accessories for glasses.

Cycling glasses - a wide range

The store's offer includes a wide selection of cycling glasses that are distinguished by their precise workmanship and durability. Ergonomic shape, combined with the use of high-quality materials, guarantees not only comfortable wearing, but also preserving the original appearance and properties for a long time. We offer only proven bicycle glasses from renowned brands such as 100%, Tifosi, Rockbros, Alpina, Giro, Rogelli, UVEX, Arctia, Okbaby and others. There are universal models as well as those intended for women, men and children.

Cycling glasses - comfort and safety

The assortment of our store includes bicycle glasses made of light, but very durable materials. In everyday use, this means increased resistance to mechanical damage, including bending, as well as the harmful effects of UV radiation. In addition, a specially designed structure prevents fogging and guarantees high comfort, even after long hours of driving. The glasses also protect the eyes, protecting them not only from the wind, but also from branches, sand, pebbles and other elements.

Photochromic bicycle glasses, perfect visibility in all conditions

The most important advantage of cycling glasses with photochromic lenses is the ability to quickly adjust the tint to the current conditions. This means that they can be used without any problems both on sunny days and at night. Cycling glasses of this type are extremely flexible, thanks to which they fit perfectly to any size and shape of the head. In addition, their weight is so low that after just a few minutes you no longer notice their presence.

Especially noteworthy are bicycle glasses with lenses covered with a special hydrophobic layer. Its main task is to repel water, thanks to which, even during heavy rain, the glasses guarantee excellent visibility. In turn, the anti-fogging layer effectively reduces the undesirable effect of vapor deposition on the surface of the glasses.

Prescription bicycle glasses - perfect visibility while driving

In this section you will also find sports glasses for a bicycle equipped with a special frame or an optical insert allowing for quick and, above all, safe installation of corrective lenses. It is an ideal proposition for all people with visual impairments who want to maintain full control while cycling. A wide selection of models in various color variants makes it easy to find glasses that meet your expectations. There are both polarized and photochromic corrective glasses for a bicycle. Prescription glasses ensure not only greater driving comfort, but most of all safety.

Cycling goggles - safety, comfort and visibility in one

This section also includes bicycle goggles that provide the maximum wide viewing angle and full eye protection. The adjustable strap allows for a comfortable fit to any size and shape of the head. We offer models distinguished by high resistance to mechanical damage and the possibility of replacing lenses.

Cycling goggles are available in various colors and with different light transmittance. Thanks to the multi-point mounting system, the lenses are firmly mounted in the frame. This is especially important when driving on uneven surfaces or tracks. Models with an anti-fog system deserve special attention as they prevent the accumulation of water vapor on the surface of the lenses. In addition, we offer goggles equipped with a multi-layer foam that instantly absorbs sweat.

Cycling polarized glasses - perfect visibility on sunny days

Particular models of polarizing glasses differ from each other mainly in terms of their category, and thus the amount of light transmitted. Category 0 stops from 80% to even 10% of the light, while Category 1 inhibits from 43% to 80%. Category 3 is glasses that block from 8% to 18%, and Category 4 from 3% to 8% of the light. Bicycle sunglasses available in our offer protect against both UVA, UVB and UVC radiation. In addition, they reduce the formation of glare appearing, among others, on especially sunny days. Polarized glasses come in many different colors. Models that offer the option of replacing lenses are an interesting proposition.

Replaceable lenses, i.e. adjust cycling glasses to the current conditions

A subcategory of a person is made of interchangeable lenses, compatible with selected cycling glasses. Thanks to them, you can quickly replace the lenses with the ones that currently work best. Remember to check whether the lenses will match your glasses before choosing a particular model. We offer both interchangeable polarized and photochromic lenses, as well as mirror, colorless and in many color variants. If you have any questions related to cycling glasses, goggles or replacement lenses, please contact our experienced advisers. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of helmets available in our store.

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