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Bike racks

Are you cycling around the city? Do you go to work during the week and go on trips outside the city at weekends? Let the lack of space not limit the amount of your luggage. Choose Bike racks that are the base for baskets or spacious bike panniers. Already have a bike rack? Therefore, take care of its correct and stable assembly. Multi-purpose bike tools and accessories such as rubbers can help.

Bike racks - our offer

In our offer you will find racks and bicycle accessories that will significantly increase the comfort of riding. A wide range of products, from racks, through bicycle tools, to gels and energy bars, will make riding a bike more enjoyable. Regardless of whether you are limited to city riding or covering long road distances, check the bicycle case and holders that will help you carry snacks, drinks, air rifles or pumps.

Sport can be unpredictable, so it is worth taking at least basic bicycle tools with you. How to transport them? Several versions of bicycle racks will be indispensable - baskets, fork, front or fixed, mounted on a bicycle fork or handlebar.

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