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Bike racks

Are you cycling around the city? Do you go to work during the week and go on trips outside the city at weekends? Let the lack of space not limit the amount of your luggage. Choose Bike racks that are the base for baskets or spacious bike panniers. Already have a bike rack? Therefore, take care of its correct and stable assembly. Multi-purpose bike tools and accessories such as rubbers can help.

Bicycle racks - our offer

In our offer you will find bicycle racks that will significantly increase the comfort of riding. Thanks to the wide range of bicycle carriers available in our store, you will surely find the model that best suits your expectations and requirements. Our offer includes racks of various sizes, mounting methods and capacity. In addition, you will find practical bicycle accessories and bicycle parts, such as rubbers and straps for attaching to a flat rack, rubber pads for the rack, and adapters for mounting.

Types of bicycle racks

When choosing a bicycle rack for your two-wheeler, it is worth knowing that the right model or shape is not without significance. Our assortment includes both classic city bike carriers and tourist bike carriers , as well as practical smaller racks and panniers intended mainly for mountain or road bikes.

Bicycle racks available on the market and in our store can be divided not only by their purpose, but also by the method of assembly. Taking into account the latter criterion, we distinguish two types of racks - mounted on the front and rear of the bike.

Rear bicycle racks

The most popular are rear bicycle carriers, most often mounted with vertical tubes to the rear part of the bicycle frame. Among the luggage racks mounted at the rear of the vehicle, there are classic models, but also bicycle racks for panniers .

Front bicycle racks

Front bicycle racks, apart from the mounting location, also differ in shape from the rear racks - most often they are bent, L-shaped structures that fit the bicycle. These racks are usually mounted on the front fork.

In our assortment you will find bicycle racks that also differ in the maximum load capacity. We offer both models that can hold luggage weighing 5-9 kg, and racks with a maximum load capacity of up to 50 kg! The choice of a specific model depends on your needs and requirements.

Other bicycle racks

Bicycle racks also include models that are unusual in terms of location, mounting and shape. These are, for example, practical frame baskets mounted most often at the wheel, panniers or handles mounted in the middle part of the vehicle to the frame, similar to a bottle holder.

The trunk and the type of bike

When choosing a bicycle rack, it should be properly matched to the model of your vehicle. Different racks will work for city bikes, others for cross bikes or MTBs. In the case of city or tourist vehicles, you can afford slightly larger models. However, if you are a fan of extreme bicycle performance, opt for a smaller bicycle carrier that will not get in the way of your ride.

A practical accessory for your bike!

If you want to make each route pleasant and comfortable, choose one of our practical bicycle carriers! A large selection of different models will allow you to easily choose the one that will best fit your two-wheeler and meet all your expectations.

Our bicycle racks are accessories of the highest quality - made of durable, strong and scratch-resistant materials. They perfectly cope with both urban conditions and more demanding routes. They allow for convenient and safe storage of smaller and larger luggage so that it does not interfere with traveling the next kilometers.

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