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Cycling jackets

In our online store, you will find 3 types of cycling jackets:

If you do not want to give up cycling during the cold winter, the purchase of a cycling jacket is a good decision - professional cyclists know it well, who follow the training plan regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. When embarking on a longer route, they must be prepared for possible rainfall or wind - factors that significantly reduce driving comfort and have a negative impact on well-being. As a responsible athlete, remember that cycling jackets are one of the basic elements of cycling styling. Made of good quality fabrics, they should be equipped with ventilation panels and drain moisture well to the outer layers.

Therefore, in this category of our store, we have gathered the best quality cycling jackets. They allow you to enjoy the maximum comfort and safety of driving, regardless of the prevailing conditions. Check out the available cycling jackets and choose one that will not only be a way for effective training, but also for your well-being.

Cycling jackets made of the best materials

A cycling jacket should be made of good quality fabrics and equipped with ventilation panels, which will allow for perfect moisture transport to the outer layers. That is why we offer cycling clothing made of the best synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon and elastane. They will not only provide you with adequate thermal comfort, but also protect against the negative effects of weather conditions.

For winter days, we recommend insulated cycling jackets, e.g. with micro fleece, which will effectively warm you while riding in the lowest temperatures, but also avoid excessive sweating and thus increase the comfort and safety of training or trips.

Cycling rain jackets, winter jackets and windbreakers

Among the available models you will find bicycle windbreakers, the main task of which is to protect against gusts, and bicycle rain jackets. The latter have a membrane - a layer that is impervious to water. For those training even in low temperatures, we offer insulated but light winter cycling jackets, which are the third layer of clothing.

A mandatory product that every cyclist should have is a windproof cycling jacket, popularly known as a windbreaker. You can always take such a cycling jacket with you, because it takes up little space and when folded it fits in your hand, so you can easily put it in practically every pocket of a cycling jersey or sweatshirt.

We also recommend reflective jackets for a bicycle. Thanks to them, you will also be able to train after dark and thus ensure maximum safety while driving.

Adjust the functions and parameters of the cycling jacket to your needs

Every cyclist has different needs, so we've made sure you have a large selection of cycling jackets. Among the available models you will find, among others:

cycling jackets with a different number of pockets, including zippered ones, in which you can safely store your keys, wallet and other valuables;
cycling jackets of various cuts - both fitted to the body and looser (none of them restrict movement and all provide maximum comfort);
cycling jackets with or without a hood;
cycling jackets with or without full-length zippers.

In this category you will also find cycling jackets of various sizes. We recommend models from XS to 7XL. Everyone will find suitable outerwear, regardless of gender, age or weight. We also recommend cycling jackets for children. Dedicated solutions for the youngest cyclists who need maximum comfort while cycling.

Women's and men's cycling jacket with a modern design

However, comfort and safety are not everything. For most cyclists and cyclists, style is also important, which allows them to stand out on the route and feel great while riding. That is why in the Mike SPORT offer you will find only the most modern cycling jackets for men and cycling jackets for women with elegant designs and different styles.

We recommend cycling jackets with a single color, as well as multi-colored, dedicated to lovers of original solutions. We encourage you to check the various patterns and decorations that will appeal to demanding customers. We recommend classic and non-standard cycling jackets, fashionable and less popular. Everyone, regardless of their individual preferences, will have the opportunity to find something suitable for themselves here.

Cycling jackets from the best producers

Cycling clothing should be selected in terms of the intensity of training and its nature. Personal preferences are important here - the cut of the jacket and the degree of its fitting are important from the point of view of aerodynamics, therefore, in order to meet the expectations of demanding users, we offer branded cycling jackets from reputable manufacturers. We recommend Rogelli, Kaymaq, Force, 100% and other well-known manufacturers. Thanks to this, you know that you are investing in the best quality sports bags. They are available at very affordable prices - we invite you to check the full offer and we wish you fruitful shopping!

A wide range of products will ensure that everyone will find something for themselves in our store. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our bicycle accessories, which will significantly increase the comfort and safety of riding!

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