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Clear Filter is a cycling clothing store

Since 2005, we specialize in our offer you will find cycling clothing. We have over 3,000 products in the cycling clothing category on a continuous basis. Regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur, the wide range of cycling clothing will make sure you find something for yourself.

Which brand of cycling clothing?

Choosing a cycling outfit is sometimes a difficult dilemma. The Mikesport cycling clothing store offers several brands of clothing for cyclists that are a sales hit every year, which should make your choice easier. If you have absolutely no idea what to choose, go to a given category of cycling clothing, e.g. men's cycling jerseys or women's cycling jerseys, and then select sort by sale. You will receive a list of cycling shirts that are most often chosen by our customers.

In the MikeSPORT store you will find cycling clothing brands such as Rogelli, Kaymaq, Shimano, Chiba, 661, 100%, GIRO, SUPACAZ and FORCE.

Rogelli is a brand of cycling clothing available from the very beginning. It is a Dutch brand existing for over 44 years founded by a former cyclist. Its offer includes both men's cycling clothing and women's cycling clothing. There is also an offer for the youngest, i.e. cycling clothing for our child.

Kaymaq - is our own MikeSport brand, created in response to the lack of products with a unique design from other manufacturers of cycling clothing. Especially cycling shirts and warm cycling sweatshirts have an interesting and rare design in the form of graphics on cycling shirts

Rogelli, Kaymaq and FORCE are cheap cycling clothing, but offering very good quality products at an affordable price. Therefore, if you are looking for premium cycling clothing, check out the Rogelli cycling clothing collection produced in Italy or other brands such as GIRO or 100%.

How to choose professional cycling clothing?

While in the case of a cycling jersey, cycling sweatshirt there is no problem because we choose the pattern we like, when choosing cycling shorts it is worth paying attention to the fact that they have a comfortable cycling insert, because the comfort of cycling depends on the type of cycling insert. Here, the bicycle insert should preferably be made in Italy in cycling clothing, which is the bicycle shorts (there are the largest number of bicycle insert factories produced for brands around the world), additionally perforated, anatomically shaped, but the most important thing is that the construction of the bicycle insert should be made of several different types of foam, preferably with a density of 80 kg/m2 or more. The general rule is that the more expensive the shorts, the better the insert, but remember that different brands have different margins for cycling clothing, so cycling shorts of one brand at the price of X may have a better insert than shorts of other brands that are 30% more expensive than X.

Cycling jackets - here, the more expensive the jacket, the better the material, but again remember that the brand is not equal to the brand and, for example, when buying the private label of the MikeSPORT store, i.e. Kaymaq, you always get a very good price-quality ratio. Expensive jackets are made of the highest quality materials that are highly waterproof and breathable

Cycling pants - pay attention to two aspects here. The first, of course, is a bicycle insert. It can be assumed that if cycling pants have a very good cycling pad, the material used for the production of insulated cycling pants is automatically of high quality. In winter cycling pants, an additional membrane is used in the front panels, which protects our body (front part) from the rush of cold air while riding. The question of whether cycling pants are to be with or without braces, in our opinion always with braces, because they do not slip while riding and protect the back better than without braces, but it is a matter of individual decision and preferences.

Women's cycling clothing, the principle of selecting women's cycling clothing is identical to men's. Women's cycling clothing products have a different cut, typically feminine, women's cycling jerseys are cut at the waist, just like women's cycling jackets. Here, too, the eternal question arises whether women's cycling shorts and women's cycling pants necessarily have to be with braces or without. Many women will choose a set of cycling clothing without suspenders, due to the fact that it is easier to relieve their physiological needs when women's cycling trousers or shorts do not have suspenders. It's just easier to take them off and that's the only advantage of cycling shorts and pants without braces. All others speak in favor of the braces version, even if you have a comfortable cycling pad that fits your body, it will not slip and move with cycling pants or cycling shorts while riding, which will ensure comfortable riding for long hours.

Professionals looking for cycling clothing know exactly their preferences, so we will not write here and advise them which cycling clothing is best to choose?

Cycling clothing for beginners. How to dress for a bike?

Let's focus on those who start their adventure with cycling, it's worth starting with basic cycling clothing. Here are a few items to include in your cycling wardrobe:

  1. Men's or women's cycling shorts - provide comfort while riding and protect against skin abrasions. The women's version of cycling shorts has an insert adapted to the anatomical structure of women.
  2. Cycling T-shirt - made of materials that wick away moisture and allow the skin to breathe.
  3. Bicycle helmet - an extremely important element of protection during cycling, ensuring safety during a possible fall.
  4. Cycling gloves - protect your hands from abrasions, provide a firm grip and absorb vibrations while riding.
  5. Cycling sunglasses - protect your eyes from the sun, wind, insects and dust.
  6. Rainproof cycling jacket - in the event of a sudden change in the weather, it will keep the body dry and protect against the wind.

It is worth starting with these basic elements of cycling clothing, and as your skills and needs develop, you can choose more elements of cycling clothing, such as cycling shoes, cycling socks. Together with the change of the cycling season, we will also have to replace all cycling clothing for autumn and winter.

What cycling clothing to wear in spring?

Spring is a transitional period when the air temperature can vary greatly during the day. That is why it is worth choosing cycling clothing that will allow you to adapt to changing weather conditions. Here are some tips on how to dress for cycling in spring:

  1. Bicycle helmet - don't move without it, we only have one head
  2. Layered clothing - it is worth choosing clothing that will allow you to regulate your body temperature. For example, instead of a thick cycling jacket, you can put on several layers of warmer cycling clothes, such as a thermal jersey, cycling jacket and a thin windbreaker cycling jacket, which can be taken off or put on as needed.
  3. It is worth choosing comfortable cycling clothing that will provide adequate ventilation to avoid overheating of the body during intense cycling. An example can be summer cycling shirts that are made of breathable materials in combination with a windbreaker jacket or cycling vest
  4. Insulated cycling gloves and a cap under a cycling helmet - it can still be chilly in the morning, so it's worth choosing warm gloves and a cap that can be removed during the day and put in the back pocket of a cycling jacket.
  5. Appropriate cycling shoe covers - it is worth choosing waterproof cycling shoe covers with light insulation instead of the thick neoprene version to avoid overheating of the feet, but at the same time protecting against moisture.
  6. Cycling sunglasses - in the spring the sun can shine strongly, so it is worth protecting your eyes from the sun's rays. Due to the changing lighting conditions, the best solution will be photochromic cycling glasses, the lenses of which will lighten or darken by themselves depending on the intensity of the light.
  7. Rainproof cycling jacket and waterproof cycling trousers - spring is a season when rain is often present. It is a good idea to have trousers and a jacket with you to protect yourself from the wet.

It is important to remember to adapt clothes to current weather conditions and to protect against wind and rain.

How to dress for cycling on hot summer days?

When cycling in the summer, wear light and airy clothes that allow air to flow freely. Short-sleeve T-shirts and loose mtb shorts or lycra shorts are recommended for comfort while riding. It's important that your cycling clothes are made of moisture-wicking materials to prevent your body from overheating. Also, don't forget your cycling sunglasses and sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

On cooler summer days or when the evening temperatures drop below 20C, it is worth having cycling trousers, cycling sleeves or knee pads in your cycling wardrobe. They take up little space but will ensure a comfortable ride at lower temperatures.

Autumn cycling clothing what to wear?

Autumn is a season when the weather is very changeable and there are frequent rains and winds. That is why it is worth choosing cycling clothing that will provide adequate warmth and protection against rain, and at the same time will be airy and allow air to flow freely. Below are some suggestions for what cycling clothing to choose for autumn:

  1. Bicycle helmet - head protection to the base
  2. Rain jacket with breathable material - will keep the body dry during rainfall and provide protection against the wind.
  3. Waterproof cycling pants - they can be worn over cycling shorts or cycling pants, they will provide effective protection against moisture. In addition, they are windproof.
  4. Layered clothing - it is worth choosing clothing that will allow you to regulate body temperature, such as, for example, thermoactive underwear in the form of a t-shirt that can be worn under a jacket on cooler days or alone on warmer days.
  5. Insulated cycling trousers - provide warmth and protection against the wind in the leg area.
  6. Insulated gloves and a hat under a bicycle helmet - they will protect our distal parts from the cold.
  7. Cycling shoes - it is worth choosing shoes with a waterproof membrane, or the cheaper version is waterproof covers for cycling shoes that protect against rain and moisture.

It's important to choose clothing made of materials that wick away moisture and allow the skin to breathe to avoid overheating the body during more intense riding.

Winter cycling clothing what is important not to get cold and how to dress?

Cycling in winter requires proper preparation and selection of appropriate clothing that will provide warmth, protection against wind and moisture. Here are a few items to include in your winter cycling wardrobe:

  1. Helmet - an extremely important element of protection during cycling, ensuring safety during a possible fall.
  2. Thermoactive underwear - a T-shirt with long sleeves - will provide warmth and moisture transport from the body surface.
  3. Winter cycling jacket with a windproof membrane - it will protect against rain, snow and wind, and its insulated materials will ensure adequate thermal comfort.
  4. Winter insulated cycling trousers with or without bib inserts will provide protection against cold and wind.
  5. Winter cycling gloves - protect your hands from cold and wind, but at the same time allow you to freely use the brakes and derailleurs.
  6. An insulated cycling cap, preferably additionally with a windproof panel - will protect against cold and wind around the head and ears.
  7. Winter cycling shoes preferably with a waterproof membrane and a winter sole - they will provide protection against rain, snow and wind, and will also allow you to maintain the right temperature in your feet. In the absence of shoes, you can choose a cheaper version and buy neoprene waterproof covers for cycling shoes.

It is worth remembering that during winter cycling, the body overheats faster, so it is worth choosing layered clothing that will allow you to regulate your body temperature. It is also a good idea to have a bicycle bag or pannier with you, in which you can store extra clothes, e.g. gloves, hats, a rain jacket in case the weather suddenly changes.

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