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CRONO cycling shoes - history of the company

CRONO is an Italian company that has been producing cycling shoes for over 40 years. The brand's offer includes shoes for both road and mountain cyclists, as well as triathlon and training shoes. The company specializes in the production of high-quality shoes, using technologies and materials such as natural leather and carbon fiber soles.

Italian cycling shoes CRONO - premium quality

Among the offered models of CRONO shoes, you can find shoes with BOA clamping systems and buckles, as well as shoes with adjustable sole stiffness. The company also offers a wide range of sizes, which allows you to choose the right size of the shoe for the individual needs and preferences of the user.

In general, CRONO cycling shoes are widely regarded as high-quality shoes, although of course users' opinions may differ depending on individual preferences and needs.

This is a presentation of the products of the CRONO brand, a prominent manufacturer of cycling shoes from Italy, which offers extremely sophisticated cycling shoes that meet the requirements of both road and mountain bikers, triathletes, as well as lovers of gravel and trail cycling.

CRONO cycling shoes are synonymous with the highest quality and excellent comfort. Each model is designed to ensure not only optimal performance, but also durability and safety.

The CRONO range includes road cycling shoes that are equipped with innovative technologies and materials, such as carbon fiber and BOA clamping systems, for an extremely precise fit. The collection of MTB/XC shoes includes models with adjustable stiffness of the sole, which provides even more comfort during long trips.

What cycling shoes does CRONO offer?

CRONO winter road cycling shoes provide excellent protection against cold and moisture, thanks to which cyclists can ride the bike all winter.

CRONO gravel cycling shoes on the other hand, they are ideal for lovers of unpaved roads, providing excellent traction and comfort on any terrain.

A collection of triathlon cycling shoes CRONO brand was designed with comfort and speed in mind. These shoes are lightweight and comfortable, while providing excellent performance for every stage of the triathlon.

For lovers of off-road cycling, the brandCRONO offers platform cycling shoes (Outdoor series), which are equipped with special soles and grip elements, thanks to which users have excellent grip and comfort on every ride.

Brand offer CRONO also includes bicycle shoes dedicated to mountain bikers, that offer comfort, durability and safety when riding in difficult terrain.

MTB cycling shoesCRONO shoes are equipped with specially designed soles that provide excellent grip and stability when riding in the mountains. In addition, these models have special clamping systems or buckles that allow precise adjustment of the shoes to the foot.

The CRONO offer also includeswinter mtb cycling shoeswhich guarantee protection against frost and moisture, which allows you to continue driving in difficult winter conditions.

All CRONO cycling shoes are unique because they use innovative technologies and materials, such as natural leather and carbon fiber, which translates into excellent comfort and performance on every ride. Each model has been designed with the highest quality and comfort in mind, which makes them perfect for any type of cycling. Invest in CRONO cycling shoes and enjoy excellent quality and comfort during every bike ride!