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Cycling underwear

Thermoactive clothing is an excellent choice for people who are engaged in competitive or amateur sports. No cycling outfit is complete, unless it is based on good-quality thermal cycling underwear . Its main task is to keep the skin dry by wicking sweat to the outside. Good ventilation and temperature regulation are essential during training in warmer seasons or in closed facilities.

Thermal cycling underwear

cycling thermal underwear is dedicated to protect the body against cold, rain or wind. It is extremely important for your health and well-being that it adheres tightly to your skin. Due to its direct contact with the body, we recommend thermal underwear made of high-quality synthetic fibers, which are comfortable regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

Cycling underwear for men and women

Thermoactive underwear for men and women is part of the sportswear collection when you want to dress according to the three-layer principle. They include:

  • thermoactive cycling underwear for men or women,

  • thermal layer

  • dedicated cycling outerwear (jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts).

In our store, you will complete a ready-made bicycle outfit that will be perfect for all-year training.

Cycling underwear - perfectly tailored for you

Are you wondering how to choose the right cycling underwear? Properly fitted cycling underwear should fit tightly to the body, slightly pressing it - then you can be sure that it will fulfill its function. So it's best to choose a model that fits our body as much as possible. However, it should be remembered that functional underwear should only adhere to the skin, not press it in a way that causes discomfort. Therefore, it is better to avoid clothes that hug the body too tightly. So choose cycling thermal and thermoactive clothing made of highly elastic materials, such as Viking women's and men's cycling underwear. Many T-shirts also have special welts or elastic bands, thanks to which the material does not slide off while cycling.

Underwear for cyclists - ensure comfort and freedom of movement while riding

One of the basic functions that cycling underwear should fulfill is, above all, to ensure comfort and full freedom of movement while riding. Therefore, reach for models of outfits that have a special, modified cut taking into account the inclined silhouette that is adopted while driving. To protect the back well, cycling underwear is characterized by an extended back and a shortened front - look for this cut in models from KAYMAQ, Rogelli or Force.

No less important aspect is the type and location of the seams. It is best to choose clothing that uses seamless technology - thanks to this, we can be sure that we can avoid painful abrasions and chafing. If bicycle underwear has seams, they should be flat and located in places where we will not feel their presence.

Thermoactive cycling underwear - delicate for your skin

Thermoactive cycling underwear is not only a protection against excessive cooling or overheating of the body, but also maximum comfort of use and protection of your skin. Thermoactive cycling clothes have excellent bacteriostatic properties, are resistant to the development of microorganisms and do not retain bacteria and fungi. Thanks to this, bicycle underwear protects us against the formation of unpleasant odors, even during increased effort. Modern materials are delicate and pleasant to the touch, so thermal cycling clothing can be worn by even the most sensitive skin.

Cycling underwear - functional and aesthetic

Although cycling underwear, worn under the right cycling clothing, is often an invisible element of a cyclist's clothing, it still remains a fashionable accessory that impresses with the highest aesthetic standard. You no longer have to choose between driving comfort and great looks!

Modern cycling underwear is a wide range of various models, fabrics, finishing methods, patterns and colors. Ladies will surely appreciate the waisted T-shirts that beautifully emphasize the female figure. The ability to choose from many shades and styles will satisfy even the greatest fashion enthusiasts and will allow you to create your wardrobe collection. Men will surely like minimalist cuts and subdued shades or models with color accents in intense, saturated colors.

Summer thermoactive underwear - cool down in even the hottest heat

Do you think that an extra layer of clothing while cycling on hot days will increase the feeling of heat and discomfort? Nothing could be more wrong! Light, properly selected thermoactive underwear will keep the skin dry and will ensure adequate comfort while driving. In hot weather, underwear with a fine mesh structure will be perfect - dressed under a cycling jersey will ensure optimal body temperature in all conditions. Modern cycling underwear for the summer is made of extremely light and quick-drying materials - they are so comfortable that the next layer of clothing on the body will be almost imperceptible! On summer evenings, when the temperature suddenly drops by a dozen or so degrees, the perfect complement to your outfit are comfortable bicycle legs and sleeves.

Winter thermoactive underwear - 100% protection against snow and frost

Winter thermoactive underwear was created for cyclists who do not want to give up physical activity even during snowfall and severe frost. Such underwear is primarily to prevent excessive heat loss and keep the body temperature constant. Properly selected winter thermal clothing for a bicycle should not only protect against frost, but also be comfortable and allow the skin to breathe freely.

A perfect choice for the winter months will be cycling clothes made of warm merino wool, e.g. from the Viking brand. Natural material, despite its low weight and volume, provides excellent thermal insulation. Merino wool underwear guarantees 100% protection against the cold, even if it gets wet during rain or snowfall. If you value ecological solutions, choose underwear made of DRYARN material, such as Spaio underwear. DRYARN fabric with excellent insulating properties, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Thermoactive underwear for a bicycle made of technologically advanced materials

Modern thermo-active underwear for a bicycle is made of technologically advanced materials that perfectly meet the expectations and needs of cyclists. If you are looking for a solution that combines the best functions and properties of modern fabrics, you will certainly not regret choosing underwear made of DRYARN material, e.g. Spaio brand. It's one of the lightest fibers out there - it's so comfortable you'll feel like a second skin! DRYARN has bacteriostatic and antiallergic properties, so it can be successfully chosen by people with extremely sensitive skin. In addition, DRYARN is one of the best insulators, it does not pick up static, does not absorb water and is resistant to stains - it is an ideal material!

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