As a MikeSPORT bicycle store, we are pleased to present you our Top 10 cycling gloves ranking. In our offer you will find products from renowned manufacturers, such as Chiba or Ziener, which offer not only comfort and functionality, but also style and a variety of colors. Regardless of whether you are looking for women's, men's or children's cycling gloves, you will certainly find something for yourself.

1. CHIBA BIOXCELL SUPER FLY cycling gloves

Available in three colors, these Chiba BioXCell Super Fly cycling gloves are a great choice for cycling enthusiasts. Perfect cycling gloves for summer days thanks to the excellent ventilation system. Equipped with a special BIOXCELL insert, they effectively suppress vibrations transferred from the steering wheel to the hand, preventing numbness during long trips. A Clarino synthetic leather palm, extra vents, Velcro at the wrist, pull tabs for easy tightening, micro-fiber on the thumb to wipe away sweat and the Poron XRD™ cushioning system that absorbs up to 90% of shocks make these gloves a highly functional and comfortable choice for everyone cyclist.


2. CHIBA BIOXCELL ROAD cycling gloves

Chiba BioXCell Road is another model of cycling gloves from Chiba. Available in five colors. Perfect, airy CHIBA cycling gloves, which are light and flexible. Thanks to this, they fit perfectly to the hand, ensuring comfort while driving. The top of the glove is made of a perforated and flexible material that provides excellent breathability. The palm is made of a delicate but durable synthetic leather. The "BioXCell" insert is a 2-stage, anatomical gel cushion that effectively prevents hand numbness during prolonged cycling. In addition, the gloves are equipped with a Quick-Pull loop , which makes it easier to take them off, and the Puller - additional material in the lower part - makes it easier to put them on.

3. CHIBA cycling gloves ECO GLOVE PRO

Chiba Eco Glove Pro are cycling gloves that offer excellent fit and comfort. Available in four colors, these gloves are perfect for any cyclist. Chiba ECO GLOVE PRO are unique cycling gloves that combine comfort and an ecological approach to production. The top of the glove is made of breathable and flexible materials, which guarantees excellent ventilation and freedom of movement. The inner part of the glove is made of durable recycled microfiber, which underlines the ecological commitment of the manufacturer. The unique natural latex padding and cotton lining not only perfectly absorb shocks and vibrations, but also provide unparalleled comfort of use. An additional advantage is the Quick-Pull loop , which ensures comfortable removal of the gloves, and the reinforced thumb area further increases their durability.

4. CHIBA BIOXCELL AIR cycling gloves

Chiba BioXCell Air are cycling gloves, available in five colors, so you will definitely find something for yourself. CHIBA BIOXCELL AIR are summer cycling gloves that deserve attention due to: Perfect fit and ventilation , which are ensured by materials with high air permeability used to make the outer part of the gloves. BioXCell insert - a 2-stage, anatomical gel cushion that effectively prevents hand numbness while cycling. The functionality and comfort of use are emphasized by such solutions as durable Velcro, Quickpull welt and loops between the fingers to facilitate taking off the gloves.

5. ZIENER CRIZY LADY Women's cycling gloves

Ziener Crizy Lady are women's cycling gloves, available in four colors, these gloves are perfect for every woman who values style and comfort. Ergonomic women's cycling gloves, designed for comfort during summer trips. Equipped with soft gel inserts that effectively absorb shocks, as well as durable, breathable AMARA material on the hands, ensuring dry skin even during long-term driving. Non-slip elements guarantee excellent steering control, and the absorbent material on the thumbs helps to wick away sweat.

6. ROGELLI PHOENIX 2 Cycling gloves for men

Rogelli Phoenix 2 are men's cycling gloves that provide exceptional comfort and protection. Available in four colors, these gloves are the perfect choice for summer, offering excellent ventilation thanks to the breathable material on the upper side. The padded suede palm with gel inserts provides optimal grip and protects the main pressure points, absorbing vibrations and shocks. Plus, functional details like a sweat-wicking terry thumb and hook-and-loop closure make these gloves the key to comfortable and long-lasting cycling

7. CHIBA BIOXCELL PRO cycling gloves

They are available in two colors, which makes them a universal choice for every cyclist. The CHIBA BIOXCELL PRO cycling gloves are synonymous with comfort and functionality. Made of breathable and flexible fabrics, they ensure a perfect fit, and the anatomical BioXCell Padding gel effectively prevents hand numbness. For comfort of use, the gloves are equipped with terry cloth on the thumb for wiping sweat and loops between the fingers for easy removal.

8. CHIBA GEL PREMIUM cycling gloves

CHIBA GEL PREMIUM cycling gloves available in five colors, these cycling gloves are a great choice for people who value quality and comfort. It is the perfect companion for every cyclist. Thanks to the synthetic leather on the palm and perforated leather inserts, the gloves provide a secure grip and, at the same time, excellent ventilation. Additional comfort while riding is guaranteed by gel inserts that effectively absorb vibrations, and the sweatband on the thumb allows you to conveniently remove sweat.

9. FORCE Children's cycling gloves SQUARE

Available in two colors, children's cycling gloves SQUARE by FORCE are the perfect summer accessory for little lovers of two wheels. Made of soft, non-slip material, they provide a secure grip, and the outside of the thumb made of soft microfiber allows you to comfortably remove sweat. Grips between the fingers facilitate quick and convenient removal of gloves.

10. ROGELLI ESSENTIAL Cycling gloves for men

Essential cycling gloves are a great choice for summer days for every lover of cycling activity. Equipped with a suede palm surface and full gel and foam padding, they provide optimal grip and shock absorption, which translates into a comfortable ride. In addition, their flexible, breathable design and practical Velcro closure make them fit perfectly in the hand, while being easy to put on and take off. They are available in five colors, which makes them a great choice for any man who values quality and style.

How to choose cycling gloves?

Choosing the right cycling gloves is crucial to your comfort and performance while riding. There are a few things to consider when choosing cycling gloves.

size and fit

The first and most important aspect to consider is size and fit . Cycling gloves should fit well, but not too tight. Gloves that are too loose can slip and make it difficult to control the steering wheel, while gloves that are too tight can impede blood flow and cause discomfort.

To determine your size, first measure the circumference of your hand at the widest point, without your thumb. Measure the hand you write with. Then compare the result with the manufacturer's size chart.

Glove type

Different types of cycling require different gloves.

  • MTB (Mountain Bike) gloves are usually tough and offer extra protection for off-road cyclists.

  • Road cycling gloves are usually lighter and more aerodynamic, keeping you comfortable and efficient on long rides.

  • Cycling gloves for children should fit well and offer good protection.


Different materials offer different levels of comfort, protection and breathability. The Chiba Gel Premium gloves , for example, use gel technology for extra comfort and protection.

Additional features

Some cycling gloves offer additional features, such as gel pads, Quick-Pull and Puller loops for easier putting on and taking off the gloves, or reflective elements for better visibility on the road.

What cycling gloves?

The choice of cycling gloves depends on many factors, including the type of riding, weather conditions, as well as personal preferences. Here are some types of gloves to consider:

Cycling gloves for warm days

If you plan to ride mainly in warm conditions, it is worth investing in light, airy gloves. The Chiba BioXCell Air gloves are an excellent choice, offering great ventilation and comfort when riding in hot weather.

Cycling gloves for cold days

For riding in colder conditions, gloves with additional insulation may be necessary.

Cycling gloves for rainy days

For people who are not afraid of the rain, it is a good idea to have a pair of waterproof cycling gloves. These are models from the collection of autumn-winter cycling gloves with long fingers

Cycling gloves for children

Children also need adequate protection. Force Children's SQUARE cycling gloves are a great choice for the youngest cyclists.

MTB cycling gloves

If mountain biking is your passion, MTB gloves with extra protection may be for you. Available in short or long finger version

Road cycling gloves

For road cycling enthusiasts, the Chiba BioXCell Road offers high performance and comfort thanks to the BioXCell anatomical gel cushion.

Remember that cycling gloves are a key piece of equipment for every cyclist. They help you maintain comfort and control while riding, and protect your hands in the event of a fall. At MikeSPORT, we offer a wide selection of cycling gloves that will help you enjoy every route.

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