CHIBA GEL PREMIUM cycling gloves, black

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CHIBA GEL PREMIUM cycling gloves: optimal protection and comfort for your hands while cycling

The CHIBA GEL PREMIUM cycling gloves from the Function Line are the latest expression of advanced technology. Chiba gloves are an excellent choice for two-wheel enthusiasts who value comfort, secure grip and hand protection during difficult routes.

Innovative materials for the best results

CHIBA GEL PREMIUM gloves combine a carefully selected palette of materials, ensuring unparalleled quality. The top made of elastic mesh, neoprene and a terry cloth on the thumb creates an ideal environment for the hands. The synthetic leather on the palm provides a secure grip and the perforated leather increases breathability. Thanks to this, your hands will remain dry and comfortable even during longer routes.

Advanced technologies for perfect comfort

CHIBA GEL PREMIUM gloves use a number of innovative technologies that guarantee exceptional comfort and protection of your hands:

1. Airvent - optimal air flow

The 3D structure with micro-channels ensures optimal air flow around the hand, eliminating the feeling of stuffiness.

2. Gel Shock - protection against vibrations

Gel inserts absorb vibrations from the steering wheel, preventing them from being transferred to the hands. This is crucial for eliminating numbness and pain.

3. Quick Pull - easy removal of gloves

The loops between the fingers make it easy to quickly take off the gloves after training.

4. Ulnar Nerve Protection - hand nerve protection

The anatomically adjusted insert protects the hand nerves against pressure, without restricting movement.

5. Carpal Tunnel Protection - Prevent Carpal Syndrome

A special tunnel protects the veins inside the hand against pressure, reducing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Why choose CHIBA gloves?

90% of the pain and numbness of the hand while driving is the result of nerve compression and unnatural bending of the wrist. CHIBA GEL PREMIUM gloves effectively counteract these problems:

- Gel cushion system

Gel inserts absorb vibrations, protecting the nerves and hands from numbness.

- Unique materials

Digital Carbo Fiber, airmesh and clarino provide reliable grip, flexibility and durability.

- Relief of pressure

Anatomical inserts eliminate pressure on nerves and ligaments, improving the position of the hand on the handlebars.

- Thermoregulation

Gloves guarantee effective thermoregulation, preventing hand overheating.

Comprehensive protection for your hands

Therefore, the choice of CHIBA GEL PREMIUM gloves is an investment in the comfort and health of your hands. Choose confidence, choose innovation, choose CHIBA. Gain an advantage on the road and enjoy the ride without pain and numbness!

  • Uppers of elastic mesh and neoprene, terry cloth on the thumb
  • The palm is made of synthetic leather, providing a firm grip, and a perforated leather insert
  • loops between the fingers for easy removal of the gloves
  • Velcro for fastening
  • shock absorption - gel inserts


Size (US)                                                     XS (6) /  S (7)  /  M (8)  /  L (9)  /  XL (10)  /  XXL (11)

hand circumference without thumb (cm)   14-16.5 / 16.5-18.9 / 18.9-21.6 / 21.6-24.3 / 24.3-27 / 27-29.7

EU                                                                6 / 6.5-7 / 7.5-8 / 8.5-9 / 9.5-10 / 10.5-11


Product type: Gloves - summer
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Comfort: Summer
Amortisation: Gel
Product warranty 24 months

Product reviews

Product reviews

  • herman
    rating 5.0
    Rękawiczki solidne. Przy obwodzie dłoni 23cm rozmiar L w sam raz
    Review rating: 0
  • Robert
    rating 5.0
    Rękawiczki są bardzo wygodne i solidne. Chronią dłoń szczególnie na długich trasach. Wygodne - poprawiają chwyt. Jak do tej pory są to najlepsze krótkie palce jakich używałem a przejechałem już ok 45 tys. km na rowerze górskim i zmieniłem kilka par rękawiczek w tym czasie.
    Review rating: 0
  • Rzep
    rating 5.0
    Wygodne, dobrze wykonane i wytrzymałe. Na cenę też nie da się za bardzo narzekać. Rękawiczki warte polecenia.
    Review rating: 0
  • manik111
    rating 5.0
    rękawiczki spełniły moje oczekiwania są rewelacyjne
    Review rating: 0
  • mkp
    rating 5.0
    najlepsze rekawiczki chyba na rynku do 100 zl
    Review rating: 0
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