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Bicycle keys / Bicycle key sets

It is worth knowing how to perform basic bicycle repairs and maintenance works on a two-wheeler. A minor fault can happen anywhere, and you cannot always count on the help of people more familiar with bicycle mechanics. It's also a good idea to always have a basic set of bicycle tools with you. One of its most important elements are bicycle wrenches that will make it easier to unscrew and tighten many components of the bike.

A set of bicycle wrenches usually includes all the sizes of hex keys, flathead and Phillips screwdrivers you need. It can also be equipped with additional elements helpful in emergency situations and maintenance works, such as chain breaker or spoke wrenches. Each bicycle key has a specific purpose and makes it much easier to perform any repairs. Importantly, key sets are usually compact, easy to transport in form, so they can always be transported in a pannier or bag.

In our assortment you will find the perfect set of keys for a bicycle, as well as other high-class bicycle accessories. We offer only proven solutions, ensuring that all available bicycle keys and other products are distinguished by maximum functionality and durability.

A set of bicycle keys useful during service

Before the season starts, it is advisable to have your bike checked. You do not need a specialist for this. You can deal with virtually every shortcoming on your own. After all, you know your proverbial two wheels perfectly well. So be patient. And have a set of bicycle keys ready . Without them, your efforts may fail. With a professional set of bicycle keys on hand , you will quickly deal with all technical problems. A functional case will allow you to keep order among the tools.

Easy-to-use bicycle keys

A universal bicycle key must be easy to handle. Just like any other type of bicycle service keys. Repairs are performed under various conditions. Once, you will face the fault in the comfort of your garage. Other times, trouble may happen to you on the road. It is not easy to remove a defect when a strong wind blows or it rains icy. In both cases, you will be concerned with your time. Hence, it will be necessary to use handy utensils. Thanks to them, you will quickly eliminate troublesome defects. You can easily find a high-quality universal bicycle key on our website.

Sturdy and reliable bicycle keys

An investment in solid equipment always pays off. Bicycle keys made of durable materials will last for many years. Hardened bicycle hex keys subjected to heavy loads do not lose their properties, i.e. they retain their shape allowing for easy unscrewing or tightening. Bicycle keys in the form of a socket are also characterized by longevity. This effect was achieved with the help of chrome. Said raw material prevents the deposition of rust on the contact parts. In turn, the bicycle key for locking the cassette should not only be durable. Ergonomics is also important in his case. The long handle will facilitate the operation of the device. The soft handle will not overstrain your hand.

Bicycle torque wrenches ideal for specialist repairs

Modern two-wheeled vehicles are packed with technologically advanced components. Their repair is not the easiest one. You will need to be precise with some of the jobs. A bicycle torque wrench will help you achieve this . As a result of its operation, you will correctly configure shock absorbers, derailleurs, carbon saddle rods or other sensitive elements. Branded torque wrenches for the Force or Topeak bicycle are made of the best materials. Hardened steel combined with an aluminum housing guarantee above-average resistance to damage.

A set of bicycle keys necessary for every cyclist

The Mikesport store has prepared a satisfactory offer for every cyclist. You can find reliable products from recognized companies. Thanks to them you will deal with faults quickly. Also remember that the vast majority of bicycle keys are universal products, so you can use them when repairing other types of equipment. They will prove useful, for example, in the maintenance of ski accessories. Complete your repair arsenal with high-end tools. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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