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Bike patches and buckets for removing tires - rescue for tires

A good cyclist is one who is prepared for any eventuality. Therefore, if you take a raincoat with you on the road, a bicycle water bottle with a drink and provisions, you should not forget about gadgets that will help you in the event of an unexpected breakdown. In our store you can buy accessories thanks to which you can quickly deal with a fairly common problem of cyclists: a flat tire. We offer everything you need in such a situation!

We are aware of how big a problem a flat tire is. That's why we offer bike patches and tire levers . These accessories are designed so that every cyclist can repair the vehicle in the shortest possible time and continue its journey. You can buy from us a number of gadgets for tire repair, which are worth having with you when going on a bicycle trip.

Bike patches, a must-have for every cyclist

Regardless of whether you are a professional cyclist or you ride on two wheels occasionally, on weekends, the bike patch should always be in your inventory. Such gadgets have many advantages:

  • Patches are small accessories that you can fit into a bicycle bag or even a backpack. Therefore, they will not be a burden on your luggage.

  • Repair gadgets allow you to repair damaged tires as quickly as possible. The bicycle inner tube patch is easy to use. You just need to verify where the tire is leaking and follow the instructions. Thanks to such an express repair, you can quickly continue the interrupted cycling trip.

  • These are cheap accessories - that's one of the reasons why you shouldn't give up buying them.

What tire patches can you find in our store?

You can buy patches from renowned brands on the market: incl. Tip Top and FORCE. We offer both single repair accessories and their kits. They make it possible to repair a tire even when it is punctured in several places.

We offer:

  • patches to which glue is attached;

  • self-adhesive accessories - they are appreciated for how easy it is with their help to fix the tire;

  • patches of various sizes;

  • products placed in handy packages, which makes them easy to transport.

What are bicycle tire levers?

If you want to be prepared for any circumstance, take your tire removal levers with you on your bike trips . They are used to dismantle tires when, for example, they become damaged. Thanks to such accessories, you can quickly and easily repair the inner tube when it is punctured during the route.

A wheel bucket is a good investment because:

  • it is a tire removal gadget that you will be able to use for many years;

  • it is small, light and handy, so it can fit into a small backpack;

  • it costs little, and it can save more than one bicycle trip.

Buckets for removing tires from our store's offer

You can buy from us practical, solid bicycle tire levers :

  • made of durable plastic and metal;

  • light, flat and handy;

  • enabling the removal of tubeless tires and tires tightly fitted to the wheels;

  • glass fiber reinforced.

By taking the repair patch and tire levers with you, you'll be properly prepared for each bike ride. Such accessories can turn out to be worth their weight in gold, despite the fact that their purchase is a relatively small expense.

Repair kits - a set of tire patches and wheel buckets

Such kits contain all the accessories necessary for you to repair your tires. They contain only patches, but also glues and spoons. These accessories are placed in small, handy packages, thanks to which they will not take up much space in your luggage. We have repair kits from well-known brands: FORCE, Zefal, Expand.

Our offer has been prepared for all cyclists who travel tens of kilometers on two wheels, and those who treat this sport as a hobby. Therefore, no matter where you ride your bike, choose practical repair accessories. They can turn out to be invaluable when you least expect it!

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