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Bicycle chain lubricants

A bicycle is a vehicle that, despite its relatively simple structure, requires proper care and maintenance - they ensure the maintenance of the two-wheeler in a proper condition, which translates into both the durability of the vehicle, as well as comfort and safety while driving. One of the basic products you can use to keep your bike in good condition is bicycle grease.

Cycling grease - why is it so important?

There are many types of bicycle lubricants on the market that are designed for specific parts of the vehicle. Their use, although still relatively unpopular, is advisable. Proper and regular maintenance of the chain, drive or bicycle shock absorbers allows for a significant extension of their service life, which in turn gives two main benefits - it allows you to reduce the costs associated with the need to purchase new parts and significantly increase safety while driving.

Bicycle lubricants and oils improve cycling and make its components resistant to difficult riding conditions. Regularly and properly oiled chains and shock absorbers will cope not only in summer, but also during winter trips in low temperatures. Lubricants also protect individual bicycle parts against corrosion, which is particularly dangerous for them.

Bicycle greases and oils

In our store you will find a large selection of various types of cycling lubricants. Among them there are both professional, special products, such as grease for bicycle bearings, grease for bicycle chains, as well as universal greases. You will also find brake lubricants and oils, chain oils, lubricants for bicycle shock absorbers and silicone grease for various parts of the vehicle.

Bicycle lubricants are available in both small packages and large containers - thanks to this, you can easily adjust the selected product to your needs. Large packages of lubricants are best for comprehensive periodic bicycle maintenance; smaller, compact packages, it is worth taking them for longer journeys in order to, if necessary, prevent possible seizures or other vehicle defects.

Choose any form

Bicycle lubricants that you can find in our store are available in packages equipped with convenient atomizers, pumps or sprays. In addition, you will find practical accessories such as a grease gun or a grease gun. Thanks to them, you can apply an appropriate layer of grease to the selected part of the bike much faster and more efficiently without the need to get your hands dirty.

Take care of your vehicle!

Remember that in order to be able to enjoy a pleasant and safe ride, it is necessary to properly maintain and care for the vehicle. A large selection of various types of lubricants and bicycle oils will allow you to professionally and effectively take care of the condition and life of your two-wheeler. Professional impregnants available in our assortment will also help you increase the efficiency, performance and aesthetics of your bike! Get to know our offer and choose the best bicycle lubricants and oils for your vehicle!


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