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Bicycle knee-pads

Cycling is a sport that can be indulged in both winter and summer. Proper leg protection is key, so if you intend to ride on colder days, you should invest in bicycle knee pads. They are made of light but flexible materials, thanks to which they do not slip while driving, which directly affects the comfort of wearing them. Knee pads, like other cycling clothing, provide adequate thermal protection, as cycling often takes place in changing weather conditions, and sudden changes in temperature adversely affect the entire body. 

We recommend a wide selection of cycling shoe and knee pads from renowned manufacturers - it's a combination of style, comfort and safety!

Cycling knee warmers - a way for a comfortable and healthy ride

Bicycle knee pads can be used both independently, e.g. for short pants, as well as under long pants. Their main task is to protect the legs against minor injuries and low temperatures, which is why they are recommended especially in autumn and winter, when weather conditions become more demanding. However, they can also be used on warmer days - especially since they effectively protect the knee joints and avoid pain.

If you train in more extreme conditions, you can choose warmers for cycling shoes. Additional solutions, such as micro fleece, make them even warmer and protect your legs even against the lowest temperatures.

The best materials and solutions of thermal undersuits

The offered bicycle knee pads and warmers are made of light, but very durable materials. The use of appropriately selected fabrics makes the knee pads for a bicycle effectively drain away moisture and protect against excessive sweating, which will positively affect your comfort and health!

What's more, in the Mike SPORT offer you will find windproof bicycle knee pads , which are especially useful in autumn and winter, during extremely difficult weather conditions. Thanks to the used pullers (ordinary or silicone), they will also be stable while driving. We also recommend reflective models that will keep you safe after dark.

All cycling shoe and thermal knee pads adhere perfectly to the body, without restricting movement, which is why they are so eagerly chosen by cyclists.

Choose stylish bicycle knee pads

Do you want to feel and look great while driving? In this respect, bicycle undersuits will also meet your expectations! This is due to their modern designs, tailored to women's and men's tastes. At Mike SPORT you will find both classic black bicycle knee pads as well as models in original colors. We recommend fluorescent accessories that not only look great, but also make you visible when driving in the dark or during difficult weather conditions.

Our offer includes cycling shoe warmers for men, women and younger users, so everyone will find something suitable for themselves here!

A large selection of cycling shoe warmers in one place

Bicycle knee pads are available in many sizes (from XS to 2XL). Thanks to the rich assortment, we are able to meet different tastes of cyclists, including the most demanding. We focus not only on quantity, but above all on quality - in this category you will find only bicycle warmers from the most respected manufacturers on the market. We especially recommend brands such as Deko Sport, Force or Rogelli, which guarantee durability, comfort and modern design of accessories.

We also encourage you to check other categories of our store. Mike SPORT is the most modern cycling clothing and cycling shoes, available in many variants and at affordable prices. We will provide you with the best equipment that will allow you to train in all conditions!

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