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Professional ski goggles

The ski and snowboard goggles available at MikeSPORT are models that work well on a slope and are cheap. We offer accessories for fans of skiing of well-known brands, including Cairn, Alpina, Giro. Comfortable goggles and ski goggles ensure safety, eye protection against UVA and UVB radiation and a professional look.

Get goggles equipped with technology that broadens the view for a wide field of view and an anti-fog finish compatible with selected helmets. We have a wide selection of men's, women's and children's models. Attractive prices and fast order processing are a great advantage of our offer. Choose colorless or color-coated ski goggles that will be 100% suitable for the upcoming season.

Stylish and women's Pearl SPX 3000 ski goggles

The Cairn Pearl SPX 3000 women's ski goggles have a sophisticated frame and decorative metal plates on the front. They go perfectly with the shape of the face. The color and shape ensure a professional and beautiful look on the slope. They can certainly be considered one of the most feminine ski goggles. Put the ski goggles with the helmet on and ensure your safety on the slope. In our offer you will find the right equipment, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier.

Comfortable women's glasses Cairn

Pearl women 's glasses are well equipped! They have a double-density velvet foam and a Category 3 lens for all-weather visibility, while a spherical and panoramic double lens is very effective.

The third category lens passes from 9 to 16 percent. sunlight. The glasses provide a comfortable and wide panoramic field of view and are covered on the inside with an anti-fog layer, which helps reduce fogging on the lenses. Pearl has everything for women who are looking for a combination of style and excellent quality.

Men's ski goggles

MikeSPORT - a specialized online store offers men's ski goggles of well-known brands. The store has a large catalog of accessories for comfortable downhill and cross-country skiing. Favorable prices, large selection and fast dispatch of orders are the advantage of purchasing in our store. We recommend ski goggles and photochromic goggles with effective polycarbonate lenses and UV filters. Models equipped with Expansion View technology are also available.


The extended display technology was developed and improved at the R&D center in Santa Cruz, California. The new frame design creates a larger field of view. This is a breakthrough in the field of helmet -compatible ski goggles . The frame material was significantly reduced and the Giro goggles gained frameless zones. The designers optimized the massive spherical lenses and thus achieved maximum peripheral vision. The catalog includes ski and snowboard goggles with EXV expanded view technology, such as the Giro Cruze Blue Wordmark and Scan Gray Wordmark.

Scan ski goggles - for both men and women

The classic Scan ™ ski goggles (available for men and women) have everything you need to be well prepared for your sport. Thanks to the traditional style of the frame and the improved field of view, they ensure comfort and great visibility. Expansion View (EXV) technology allows you to identify obstacles and other users on the slope in time. In addition, the Scan model has phenomenal quality thanks to a cylindrical injection-molded windshield. The frame is medium in size and comes with two layers of foam. Functional Scan glasses are compatible with all Giro helmets.

Ski goggles for prescription goggles

Do you need ski goggles for prescription goggles ? We offer glasses adapted for people who wear glasses daily. Such models include the Cairn Spirit OTG. The large side cut-out of the foam greatly facilitates the passage through the sides of the glasses. This prevents the creation of pressure points on the frame. The depth of the spectacle frame, on the other hand, allows for optimal spectacle placement. Cairn Spirit OTG always ensure maximum visual comfort, even for those who suffer from visual impairments. Carin Spirit OTG ski goggles are ideal for slopes!

Children's ski goggles

Children's ski goggles are equipped with ventilation systems that accurately remove moisture. They have coatings that prevent settling and condensation inside. The glasses fit close to the child's face and are comfortable to wear thanks to the foam system, which consists of several layers. Especially for children's ski goggles , a scratch-resistant finish is important. 

Goggles for juniors and adults meet the requirements for individual eye protection and standards limiting the use of harmful substances in production. At MikeSPORT you will always find the highest quality products at an attractive price.


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