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Headbands Sports

Headbands Sports headbands protect the ears and provide thermal comfort during all outdoor sports and recreational activities. Protecting the sensitive parts of the head is important to any outdoor athlete. The MikeSPORT specialist online store proves that you do not have to spend a fortune on professional sports equipment! Even with a limited budget, there is a chance to buy the right models that will meet all expectations.

Reliable and practical sports headbands for cycling enthusiasts can be found in the MikeSPORT store at an attractive price. Browse our catalog and find the wristband that suits you best. Thanks to the functional outfit, you can match your cycling outfit to any weather. Fashionable models provide a stylish look and increase the level of comfort during sports.

Sports headband Gore-Tex

Sports headband by Viking is an accessory that effectively protects the ears and bays against wind and cold. The Gore-Tex Infinium membrane is also used in advanced technical clothing. A characteristic feature of this material is high resistance to abrasion and other mechanical damage. First of all, it allows you to effectively protect your head in frost or gusts of wind. It is waterproof and windproof, and drains excess water vapor very well through the micropores to the outside. A sports headband is a great alternative for people who do not like wearing a hat.

Bicycle band

Band can be a stylish addition to your bicycle outfit. Choose color elements and get a professional look! The sports headband of the Force Gem Pink or Rock Black Pink brand fits perfectly with the Rogelli winter cycling jacket. Enjoy your choice and create your own individual style for your bike.

Force bike band is perfect for outdoor activities. Suitable for sports activities, jogging, roller skating, mountain excursions and spending time outdoors. It is intended for spring, autumn and winter. Most of the models are so-called unisex - perfect for both women and men.

The Giro bicycle ear strap The bicycle ear

strap is the perfect accessory for your outfit for winter and autumn rides. Especially if you reach for such a functional and refined model as the Ambient Winter Headband. The headband is equipped with a thermal fleece lining. Perfectly protects the ears thanks to the built-in ear cups. Both the fabric and construction ensure a perfect fit for different helmet models. The bicycle band does not take up much space and can be easily put in a pocket and put on when the wind intensifies.

You don't want to wear a hat even on cold days? Check out more alternatives in the cycling headwear category. The earpieces for a bicycle are great, but not the only solution. We offer multifunctional bandanas and scarves as well as balaclavas and chimneys that effectively protect against wind and cold. They can also be worn under a bicycle helmet.

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