WINX chain oil (wet conditions) WTX 100 ml

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WINX Wet Lube bicycle chain oil - excellent protection and performance in wet conditions

Optimal protection for your bicycle drive

Are you looking for a unique bicycle chain oil that will not let you down even on the most demanding adventures on wet trails? That's what you found! WTX Wet Lube by WINX is an advanced formula, created with one thing in mind - ensuring optimal protection and performance of your bicycle drivetrain, even in wet conditions.

Technologically advanced oil for your bike

Discover the innovative bike chain oil that will redefine your riding experience. WTX Wet Lube is a product created for enthusiasts who do not care about rain, mud or wet surfaces. The exceptionally effective formula of the oil ensures not only perfect adhesion to lubricated surfaces, but also exceptional protection of metal elements against water and dirt. Let your bike set new standards of durability, and enjoy a longer lifespan at the same time.

Benefits of WTX Wet Lube - your bike deserves it!

1. Optimum performance in wet conditions: When others hesitate for wet trails, you dare to go on adventures. WTX Wet Lube was created for people like you. Regardless of rain, mud or wet road, this oil provides excellent performance, allowing you to drive dynamically without worrying about the condition of your drive.

2. Exceptional adhesion: WTX Wet Lube is the magic of adhesion in all circumstances. Thanks to a specially composed composition, this oil stays on the lubricated surfaces even in extreme conditions. Feel confident that your drive always works as it should.

3. Corrosion Protection: The effective formula of WTX Wet Lube acts as a shield to protect metal components from corrosion. Thanks to this, your bike will not only keep its excellent appearance, but also extend the life of the drivetrain.

4. Friction reduction: Efficiency is the key to an amazing ride. Thanks to WTX Wet Lube, you minimize the friction between drive components, which translates into a smoother and more efficient journey.

When rain pours from the sky and mud hides the trails, WTX Wet Lube becomes your closest ally. It's not just a bicycle chain oil - it's the key to extending the life of your bike and unforgettable adventures. Try WTX Wet Lube now and give your bike the best care it deserves. You can also combine it with other WINX products to achieve even better results! Give your bike the best - discover the power of WTX Wet Lube today.

Product Specifications:

  • Capacity: 100ml

  • for wet conditions


Product type: The oils
Capacity: 100 ml
Conditions: Wet
Product warranty 24 months

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