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WINX chain oil (dry conditions) SG-SAFE GREEN 100 ml

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Dry Bicycle Chain Oil - SG-Safe Green Dry Lube

Maintain Bicycle Drive Performance with Organic Oil

For all lovers of two wheels, we present SG-Safe Green Dry Lube - an innovative bicycle chain oil from Winx. It not only takes care of the performance of your drive, but also protects the environment.

High quality oil with natural waxes and PTFE

Our oil is designed with dry conditions in mind. Thanks to the content of natural waxes and the addition of PTFE, it ensures optimal operation on the chain surface. Perfectly protects against corrosion, reduces friction, noise and drive wear. What's more, this product is also perfect for e-Bikes.

Simple application, great effects

1. Remove old grease - For best results, clean the chain of old grease. For this purpose, we recommend E-wash or S-Wash by Winx.

2. Precise application of the product - The oil comes with an attached dropper, thanks to which you can precisely apply the oil to each link of the chain.

3. Wait and wipe - Allow the oil to absorb for a few seconds, then gently wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.

An ecological formula for conscious cyclists

Safe for the environment - Our oil is based on certified biodegradable raw materials, which means that it cares not only about efficiency, but also about the environment.

Smoothness and protection - Even in extremely dry conditions, this oil keeps the transmission in top condition, ensuring smooth shifting and protection against corrosion and dirt.


Product type: The oils
Capacity: 100 ml
Conditions: Dry
Product warranty 24 months

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