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WINX Helmet and goggle cleaner 150ml

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Foam for cleaning helmets and goggles - Winx Helmet Cleaner

Perfect protection for your sports equipment

Discover Winx Helmet Cleaner - an effective and effective foam for cleaning helmets and goggles that provides comprehensive care and shine for your sports equipment.

Advanced formula for perfect purity

Efficiency in removing dirt - thanks to a specially developed formula, our foam effectively eliminates dirt, dust and all kinds of pollution, leaving the surface of helmets and goggles flawless.

Safe and gentle cleaning - the unique formula ensures that cleaning does not affect the protective coating or finish of your equipment.

Simple application, great effects

  • Our pump bottle allows foam to be precisely applied to the surface of helmets and goggles, minimizing waste and ensuring even coverage.

  • Winx Helmet Cleaner not only cleans, but also enhances the natural shine of materials, making your equipment look like new.

All-round protection for your gear

Perfect surface preparation - the foam perfectly prepares the surface of helmets for the application of waxes or other protective preparations, increasing the durability and resistance of your equipment.

No-rinse - our formula does not require rinsing, which saves you time and guarantees instant readiness for use.


Discover the secret to perfectly clean helmets and goggles with Winx Helmet Cleaner. Thanks to the effective formula and simple use, you can always enjoy the shine and safety of your sports equipment.


Product type: Cleaners
Capacity: 150 ml
Product warranty 24 months

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