WINX chain oil (high dust conditions) DSX 100 ml

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WINX DSX - Specialist bicycle chain oil for high dust conditions

DSX Antistatic Lube Chain Oil - Effective protection in extreme conditions

Are you looking for a solution that will provide reliable protection for your bicycle chain in difficult off-road conditions or on race tracks? Meet WINX DSX Oil - an innovative chain oil designed specifically for high dust conditions.

Designed for demanding conditions

Off-road and racing applications require special solutions. WINX DSX oil was created for extreme conditions where dust and contamination are the order of the day. It reliably protects the chain from dust particles and other harmful contaminants.

Unique antistatic properties

What distinguishes WINX DSX Oil is its unique antistatic properties. Delving into the world of technology, the product effectively prevents dust from accumulating on the chain. Your bicycle mechanisms stay cleaner, which translates into longer component life.

Corrosion protection

Corrosion is the number one enemy of your bicycle chain. WINX DSX oil acts as a reliable shield, protecting against the effects of corrosion. Even in unfavorable weather conditions, your chain remains in perfect condition.

Smoother operation, greater efficiency

Optimal chain operation is the key to achieving higher efficiency while riding. WINX DSX oil reduces friction, creating conditions for smoother operation of mechanisms. This not only increases driving comfort, but also improves pedaling efficiency.

Perfect for demanding athletes

If you are passionate about driving in difficult off-road conditions or on race tracks, WINX DSX oil is your secret weapon. Its effectiveness in extreme conditions makes it an indispensable partner for athletes striving to achieve championships.


DSX Antistatic Lube is not only a bicycle chain oil - it is an innovative solution for demanding athletes. Thanks to its advanced anti-static properties and reliable corrosion protection, your chain stays in top condition, even in harsh conditions. Reduced friction ensures smoother operation of mechanisms and increased driving efficiency. Choose WINX DSX Oil to face the challenges of terrain and track.


  • Capacity: 100ml

  • For high dust conditions


Product type: The oils
Capacity: 100 ml
Conditions: dust conditions
Product warranty 24 months

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