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WINX Bicycle chain degreaser E-WASH 400 ml

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Effective and ecological cleaning of the bicycle chain with E-Wash Chain Cleaner

Reliable chain cleaning with E-Wash Chain Cleaner

Did you know that the chain is one of the key parts of your bike that requires regular care? E-Wash Chain Cleaner is an excellent chain cleaning preparation that not only effectively removes dirt and impurities, but also cares for our planet and is environmentally friendly. Thanks to its advanced formula, E-Wash Chain Cleaner guarantees instant and safe cleaning of your chain in just a few moments.

Why choose E-Wash Chain Cleaner?

Ecological formula, effective effects

E-Wash Chain Cleaner by WINX is an innovative approach to bicycle chain care. Its unique formula not only provides excellent cleaning, but also protects the environment. Safe for the ecosystem, it does not contain hydrocarbons, so you can enjoy a clean chain without exposing nature to harmful substances.

Versatile use

E-Wash Chain Cleaner is a versatile preparation that offers two effective cleaning methods. You can easily use it with bicycle chain cleaners, increasing cleaning efficiency thanks to better penetration. Alternatively, after removing the chain, you can immerse it in the liquid and then gently remove the impurities. It's a simple way to keep your chain in perfect condition, ensuring comfort and safety while riding.

How to use E-Wash Chain Cleaner?

If you decide to clean with a chainsaw, follow the instructions of the chainwasher. However, if you choose the manual method:

  1. Put on your gloves.

  2. Remove the chain.

  3. Place the chain in the container and pour the preparation over it.

  4. Wait a moment and then use the brush to remove larger dirt.

  5. After cleaning, rinse the chain under running water and lubricate it.

To sum up

E-Wash Chain Cleaner is not only an effective bicycle chain cleaning tool, but also an environmentally friendly choice. By keeping your bike clean, you are also taking care of nature. Just a few simple steps to enjoy the smoothness and efficiency of your chain for a long time. Cycling has never been so fun!


Product type: Chain degreaser
Capacity: 400 ml
Product warranty 24 months

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