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WINX Helmet glass cleaner/Goggle cleaner ANTI-FOG 100ml

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Winx Helmet Anti-fog: Effective protection and great visibility

Reliable protection of your eyesight and driving comfort

Meet the innovative Winx Helmet Anti-fog spray, your secret ally in the fight against evaporation of helmet and bicycle or motorcycle goggles. The anti-fog spray with a capacity of 100ml has been created to ensure excellent visibility and increase the level of safety and comfort when driving in various conditions.

Why Winx Helmet Anti-fog is your Must-Have?

  • Effective anti-fog protection : Our specialized spray effectively prevents helmet lenses and visors from fogging up. This is the key to clear and unobstructed visibility in difficult weather conditions and during intense exercise.

  • Anti-static Dust Shield : We don't just prevent fogging - our spray has anti-static properties that effectively repel dust and debris, keeping surfaces clean and clear.

  • Effective dirt cleaning : Winx Helmet Anti-fog is not just an anti-fog spray. It is also an effective cleaner that removes any road dirt such as insects or dust. Your view will always remain uninterrupted.

How to use Winx Helmet Anti-fog?

  1. Ready to use : The spray is ready for immediate use, there is no need to dilute or mix it.

  2. Gentle spraying : Spray a small amount of the preparation on the surface of the glass from a distance of about 15 cm. Make sure you cover the entire surface for optimal results.

  3. Even distribution : Gently wipe the surface, distributing the spray evenly. You can use a soft, clean cloth that won't scratch the glass.

Start your ride in a new dimension of safety and comfort!

Winx Helmet Anti-fog is more than just an anti-fog spray. It's effective protection and clear visibility that allows you to concentrate on the road. Give yourself this tool and be sure that your visibility and comfort are always at the highest level.


  • capacity: 100ml

  • ideal for helmet windows, bicycle goggles, ski goggles, etc

  • prevents the formation of steam

  • has antistatic properties

  • removes dust, insects and other dirt


Product type: Cleaners
Capacity: 100 ml
Product warranty 24 months

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