Koziol Bento Box lunchpot, organic Pink

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The original and practical lunchpot Bento Box by German brand Koziol, is perfect as a container for yoghurt with muesli, salad with croutons or vegetables with your favourite sauce, at work, school or on a trip! The lunchpot is very roomy, consisting of 3 parts: a deeper bottom container, a slightly smaller top container and an additional container, ideal for extras such as croutons, muesli or sauces, so you can store them separately and mix them just before eating. Importantly, the product is completely neutral to the food you are preparing and is safe for your health - the materials it is made from do not contain toxic compounds - they are BPA-free.


  • material: plastic 
  • consists of 3 parts: a deeper lower container, a slightly smaller, shallower upper container + a container, ideal for additives, which you can place separately, such as: croutons, muesli or sauces
  • dimensions:
    - width [cm]: 12.70
    - height [cm]: 12.00



Product type: Lunchbox
Color: Pink
Product warranty 24 months

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