A cycling jacket is a very useful piece of sports clothing, which should be owned by every cycling enthusiast. Check how to choose it!

A cycling jacket is a very useful piece of sports clothing, which should be owned by every cycling enthusiast. Its task is to protect the user from unfavorable weather conditions and to ensure comfortable and safe cycling.

A cycling jacket is especially useful in the autumn and winter period and on cool, windy and rainy days, when weather conditions require an additional layer of protective clothing.

Why is it worth investing in professional cycling clothing?

It would seem that a regular jacket that we wear every day is enough for cycling. Nothing could be more wrong! A good-quality cycling jacket is characterized by a perfect fit to the body and high flexibility. While driving, it does not tuck up, is not blown by the wind and does not restrict movement, which guarantees a safe and comfortable ride. So if the bicycle is our hobby, we spend a lot of free time on two wheels and we want to derive maximum pleasure from riding also on cooler, windy and rainy days - a bicycle jacket is a purchase that is definitely worth investing in!

The right cut of the cycling jacket

The cut of the cycling jacket and its material differ significantly from the parameters of the clothing we wear every day. All cycling jackets are windproof and equipped with a specially extended back, which allows you to better protect the lower back while riding, in a bent forward position. Accessories of this type often include extended sleeves, which provide better protection for the hands and eliminate the phenomenon of rolling up the sleeves while cycling.

The professional cycling jacket is also made of suitable materials. Two of them are worth paying attention to - membrane and softshell. The former guarantees clothing made of it with both high protection against rain and optimal moisture and water vapor removal to the outside. Softshell, on the other hand, protects well against wind, but is not as waterproof as a membrane. Synthetic fabrics with less advanced parameters, in turn, will work quite well for occasional driving in urban conditions.

Shopping with knowledge! What should you pay attention to when choosing a good cycling jacket?

In autumn, when it often rains, but the temperatures are still reasonably satisfactory, it is worth reaching for a cycling jacket with rainproof properties, i.e. one that will protect you against water and moisture. Such jackets have taped seams and are made of waterproof materials. In autumn, a windbreaker jacket will also work well, which will protect against the cold, or a typical winter jacket made of windproof material with additional insulation. People who, on the other hand, plan to ride on two wheels in the coldest months of the year should get a thicker, well-insulated cycling jacket, which will have additional waterproof properties in the form of chemical impregnation.

When choosing a cycling jacket, it is also worth paying attention to the presence of additional, useful elements in it. The cycling jacket should have reflectors that will allow you to ride safely after dark, in the rain and at night. The presence of additional pockets in which we will be able to put small items will also be useful. A good quality jacket should also have an adjustment in the form of elastic strings or Velcro (in the sleeves, waist and hood), which will allow it to fit the body and provide better protection against the cold. The addition of an adjustable hood (with the possibility of detaching it or hidden in the collar) will be useful in rain, cold and windy weather.


Does the high price guarantee good quality? Additional criteria for choosing a cycling jacket.

A good quality cycling jacket is an essential element of the wardrobe of every cycling enthusiast. 

Without it, it is impossible to dream of successful rides in the autumn and winter period and on cooler days throughout the year. The prices of cycling jackets, however, are very diverse, so it is worth determining at the beginning what amount we are willing to spend on buying this type of clothing.

Let's also be aware that in the case of sportswear, a higher price usually also means better quality. Therefore, it is worth reaching for the clothing of well-known and respected manufacturers who specialize in the design and production of clothing dedicated to cyclists.

Another issue is also the aesthetics and design of the jacket. Each of us, regardless of our budget, gender and age, wants to present ourselves attractively while practicing our favorite sport. Fortunately, cycling jackets come in a very wide selection of colors, patterns, cuts and styles, which allows you to choose a model ideally suited to your personal preferences and guarantees willingness to reach for a new purchase. A good-quality bicycle jacket is a solidly made product, the purchase of which pays off the more that it will serve us well for a long time.


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