Rogelli cycling pants with suspenders, insulated, HERO II blue

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Rogelli Cycling Trousers with Suspenders, Insulated, Hero II


Here are the Hero II cycling pants from Rogelli - the perfect choice for cyclists who are looking for comfortable, insulated pants with suspenders for winter days.

Key Features:

    • 🚴‍♂️ Pro Pasvorm (Professional Cut): Aerodynamic and fitted for comfort and performance.
    • 💺 Power Gel Padding: For optimal protection and comfort during long rides.
    • 🧵 Sitip Blizzard Stof (Material): Protection against the cold, keeping you warm temperatures 0°C-15°C.
    • 🌟 Miti Stelvio Printed Panelen: Adding style and character.
    • 🌬️ Naadloze Bretels met Ademend Mesh Achterpaneel (Seamless Braces with Breathable Mesh Back): For comfort and fit.
    • ❄️ Perfect for Deep Winter Temperatures.

📐 Model:

    Perfect for men 185 cm tall, wearing size M.

Product Description:

The Hero II cycling trousers from Rogelli are the choice for those who do not want to give up cycling even on cold days. Made of Sitip Blizzard material, they guarantee protection against cold and keeping warm. The professional Pro Pasvorm cut ensures aerodynamics and comfort, and the Power Gel gel insert offers excellent protection and comfort during long routes. Seamless mesh straps on the back ensure perfect fit and wearing comfort, and printed Miti Stelvio panels add an elegant look. The pants are light, yet durable and comfortable, perfect for winter rides.

Product Features:

  • Cut: Pro Pasvorm (Professional)
  • Material: Sitip Blizzard
  • Gel insert: Power Gel Padding
  • Seamless mesh suspenders
  • Printed Miti Stelvio panels
  • Perfect for deep winter temperatures
  • Model: 185 cm, size M

Additional information:

  • Size chart available in the product photo gallery.

Gel Insole Specifications:

  • Main layer: VELLUTO – 81% polyamide + 19% elastane.
  • Comfort layer: COMFORT-schuim – density 50 kg/m³, thickness 3 mm, perforated.
  • Flexible, breathable and elastic gel inserts.
  • Main layer: PERFORMANCE-schuim – density 95 kg/m³, thickness 11 mm .


Rogelli Cycling Trousers with Suspenders, Insulated, Hero II is the perfect choice for cyclists who do not want to give up cycling even on the coldest days. Their advanced features and materials provide warmth, comfort and performance, allowing you to enjoy every ride, regardless of weather conditions.


Product type: Tights and Bibtights
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Pocket: No
Bibs: Yes
Cycling pad: Yes
Fabric: Insulated
Waterproof: No
Windproof: no
Fitting: Fitted
Pad type: Gel
Product warranty 24 months

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