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CHIBA GEL COMFORT cycling gloves, olive, 3040518

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Convenient and comfortable CHIBA GEL COMFORT cycling gloves

Breathable material and excellent ventilation

The CHIBA GEL COMFORT cycling gloves are made of elastic mesh and lycra, which ensures breathability and excellent hand ventilation during intense workouts. In addition, neoprene inserts and spatial, breathable material between the fingers increase the comfort of use.

Effective hand protection

The palm of the gloves is covered with synthetic, perforated leather, which guarantees a secure grip and protects against abrasions . Reinforcements between the metacarpus and wrist provide cushioning and protection against strong shocks, and the Poron XRD™ material absorbs up to 90% of the shocks the user is exposed to. In addition, the ULNAR NERVE PROTECTION system reduces pressure on the handlebars on important nerves in the hand and prevents numbness during long trips.

Comfortable and fit to the hand

The CHIBA GEL COMFORT cycling gloves have loops between the fingers that make it easy to pull them off and an adjustable velcro, thanks to which they can be perfectly adjusted to the hand. Thanks to this, the user can enjoy maximum comfort and convenience while cycling.

By joining forces with other cycling products

Perfect protection while cycling

CHIBA GEL COMFORT cycling gloves can be combined with other cycling products, such as helmets or glasses, to provide comprehensive protection while riding. Thanks to this, the user can focus on training and enjoy it even more. Order today and see what benefits these comfortable cycling gloves can bring you!'


  • Top elastic mesh and lycra, neoprene inserts, terry cloth on the thumb
  • The palm is synthetic, perforated leather, ensuring a secure grip, inserts made of spatial, airy material
  • loops between the fingers for easy removal of gloves
  • Velcro fastener
  • cushioning - Poron XRD™ - reinforcements between the metacarpus and wrist protect the hand from strong shocks without affecting dexterity. Poron XRD™ absorbs up to 90% of the shocks the wearer is exposed to
  • ULNAR NERVE PROTECTION - reducing pressure on the steering wheel on important nerves in the hand. Prevents hand numbness during long trips.


Product type: Gloves - summer
Gender: Unisex
  • Black
  • Green
Comfort: Summer
Amortisation: Gel
Product warranty 24 months

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