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661 RECON II knee pads, black

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The RECON II knee protector by the prestigious 661 brand combines lightness and comfort. They were created to ensure performance, ergonomics and protection at the highest level, especially during demanding rides on steep, natural mountain slopes. The lightweight, stretch and abrasion-resistant fabric is enhanced with strategically placed breathable mesh fabric for increased air circulation and breathability. They are fitted with the new D3O® Ghost protective insoles, made from breathable, flexible material they provide EN 1621 level 1 knee joint protection to ensure maximum cushioning of the knee, upper shin and lower thigh in the event of impact. The one-piece, slip-on design of the protectors, with an extended cuff for upper shin and lower thigh protection, has been fitted with silicone anti-slip pads on both the lower and upper cuffs, providing an extremely stable fit, for added comfort and security.


  • fabric: lightweight, stretch and abrasion resistant (machine washable) + breathable mesh fabric, strategically placed for increased air circulation and breathability
  • D3O® Ghost protective insoles (machine washable) - a unique patented technology of protective insoles, made of extremely breathable, flexible material, providing EN 1621 level 1 protection of the knee joint, guaranteeing maximum cushioning and increased absorption of impact to the knee, upper part of the shin or lower part of the thigh
  • one-piece, slip-on construction of the protectors, with an extended cuff for protection of the upper part of the shin and the lower part of the thigh
  • anti-slip silicone on the inside of both upper and lower cuffs ensures a stable fit, preventing slipping of the protectors
  • Padlock system, which makes it possible to combine the RECON II protectors with the 661 protective shorts.



Product type: Protectors
Product warranty 24 months
Age group: Adults

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