WITTKOP MEDICUS PRO EVO 1.0 trekking bicycle seat, black outlet II quality

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NOTE!!! - GOODS II QUALITY - has scratches on the bars from test fitting the saddle to the bike (photos in the gallery).

Are you looking for a bicycle saddle that will provide you with the highest comfort during long rides? We have the perfect solution for you - a saddle Wittkop Medicus Pro Evo 1.0!

The combination of three different technologies, including memory foam, normal foam and gel, provides the ultimate in cycling comfort. In addition, the new design concept in accordance with the principles of ergonomics and the integrated NAWAVE frame system and central opening for better ventilation make this saddle one of the best on the market.

Thanks saddle Wittkop Medicus Pro Evo 1.0, a less experienced cyclist can enjoy long rides without any discomfort, moreover, it has been designed based on many years of research to meet the expectations of every cyclist.

If you are looking for a saddle that guarantees maximum comfort, stability and ventilation while cycling, this is the saddle Wittkop Medicus Pro Evo 1.0 is the perfect solution for you. Don't wait any longer, order today and enjoy perfect comfort on your rides!


  • Producer: Wittkop
  • Model: Medicus PROevo 1.0
  • Purpose: trekking
  • Filling: Memory Foam, gel, foam
  • Fastening rod material: Steel
  • Saddle width: 170mm
  • Saddle length: 275mm
  • Weight: approx. 603 g
  • Black colour
  • The saddle is sold on a cardboard with a description of the properties

Technologies used:


  • A completely new design concept optimized for the principles of whole-body ergonomics developed through extensive research. Wittkop used an innovative design, optimizing the feeling and performance while driving.


  • The all-new AVE SYSTEM with integrated frame provides greater stability and comfort while riding.


  • The innovative design provides better ventilation and less pressure, making the saddle lighter and more breathable, while the central opening allows air to flow while riding.


  • The shape memory polymer used in the saddle is a guarantee of high and long-lasting comfort, allowing less experienced cyclists to go on long journeys without any discomfort.


Product type: Bicycle saddles
Gender: Unisex
Color: Black
Main fabric: synthetic
Weight: 603 g
Product warranty 24 months
Saddle type: Trekking

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